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Everything you need to know while choosing the right city bike from Firefox!

Our exciting and wide range of urban bikes will have you cruising through the city effortlessly. Whether for recreational purposes or for beating the annoying traffic that plagues our everyday life, Firefox has something for everyone.

Yet you may wonder- What goes into picking the right bike?

Words like frame geometry, suspension, and brake systems will constantly pop up on your search along with in-depth descriptions as to why they’re important. If all this is leaving you a tad bit confused or you’re simply new at venturing into the world of city commuter bikes, we have the perfect guide to help you choose the one suited for your needs.

Important tips while picking the right bike:

1. Frame size and geometry: The most important aspect while choosing city bikes is finding the perfect “fit” and this is where frame geometry comes in. Not only does it make cycling a whole lot more comfortable but also safer as the wrong frame size can leave you injured. For those of you that enjoy a more relaxed and slow ride, a shorter frame with taller handlebars will let you sit upright. However, for a speedier and ride, the ‘bent’ frame would suit you better. To measure your size correctly, stand over the frame (off the seat) without the top tube touching your inseam. (with at least 2 inches of clearance).Measure the bike from the top tube to the ground. If this measurement is shorter than your inseam length, then the frame size is right for you. Apart from this, decide on how upright you would want to sit and a good judge of this by taking a look at the handlebar and seat positions.

2. Steel Vs. Aluminum: When it comes to picking good bikes for city commuting, steel is the better option. While aluminum may be lighter, steel is much stronger and will absorb many of the road bumps along your way. So for better security, opt for the shockproof nature that still will lend to your bike, making it less prone to crack or wearing off as seen in carbon and aluminum.

3. Decide on a budget: It’s no surprise that a good bike will cost you. At the same time, setting a budget as to how much you’d like to spend will let you narrow down amongst the options you have. The lower range usually starts from around Rs.10,000 which equips you with a basic yet functional metal frame body while the higher models can go up to Rs. 50,000 + with lightweight alloy bodies and quick responsive shifting for a better balance & performance. Let your budget be flexible in order to accommodate affordability without compromising on safety and comfort.

4. Effective brake systems: The most common braking systems you’ll come across are:

  • V-brakes (With a side/central pull using a mechanical cable)- These brakes clamp the brake shoes directly on to the rim. V Brakes are more than sufficient for casual daily riding and are very easy to work with incase they need a quick fix. Disc brakes often require a professional to make adjustments to it.
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes: A disc rotor is connected to your axle and it rotates along with the wheel. If the disc stops, the wheel stops. A metal wire clamps the brake pads bring the disc to a halt. These are more effective than V Brakes especially during monsoon. The rim gets wet when you ride over a puddle and since the pads are in contact with the rim, it results in a brake fade. This does not happen with disc brakes.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes:This is the most effective braking system. Often seen on more expensive bikes, these brakes do not use a metal wire to perform the pull action. Instead, a jet of mineral oil is pushed through the hose (wire housing) into the brake calliper which creates a pressure chamber inside and clamps the disc shut. This technology is used in almost all motorized vehicles with disc brakes.

5. A bike that defines you: Last but not the least it, on your quest for choosing the ideal type of bike for commuting in city, you will want it to reflect your inner self letting it shine through. Be it quirky, creative or somber, let your city bike be an extension of your personality. And luckily, Firefox lets you do just that with its extensive range of vibrant and suave bikes to choose from.

So hop on and take a ride- the urban style, with Firefox!