It’s always been a promise at Firefox to spoil our riders for choice. We have a new MTB and a new hybrid to add to the options. Both bikes are positioned for riders who want to head out occasionally. Irrespective of what the purpose is – leisure, adventure, recreational activities, fitness or even commute. Our motto of dependable ride quality and ease of riding stand strong in both bikes.

For our riders who are looking for adventure and want to head out to the local trails on weekends, we have the MTB bike – Mountana It’s a hassle-free, no fuss, athletic build bike available in two forms. One that is single speed and the other with a 21-speed gear set. Both are designed with a light frame that makes it easier to sail down trails and trudge up uneven terrains.

For our riders who are looking at recreational activities or commute on a more regular basis, we have the City bike – Athelio In a search for simplicity and minimalism, the Athelio comes in a single speed with an easy frame.

The Mountana gives a feeling of might and freedom to over-power obstacles. It sets apart in its edgy frame with graphics that create the perfect punch. Not only is the bike a great ride but stands out above its competition in style. The Athelio gives the feeling of lightness and freedom. It allows riders to commute with ease, without the troubles of gear shifting and maintenance. The comfort of riding a hybrid is unparalleled with the added benefits of versatility in terrains.

Both bikes are designed to look clean with sturdy frames and stylish graphics. Our riders will get the advantages of comfort and performance. But don’t just take our word for it.

Head on down to the nearest dealer in your city and test the bike for yourself. We promise you will roll out riding either the MTB or the hybrid.

Happy riding!