Where there’s an enthusiastic rider, there’s a Firefox Bike! Not once have we budged from this in all these years. But this time, we at Firefox Bikes took it a few steps ahead. While staying true to our motto – ‘a bike for every rider and every terrain’, we brought cycling to Pitampura, Delhi, with the FIREFOX BIKE STATION in January 2020. A critical move in expanding our network across the nation, this grand store promises to promote cycling, especially in the capital. While the store is an experience for seasoned cyclists as well as budding riders, it stays true to its core purpose of celebrating the sport with grandeur.

With this store, we aim to create a uniquely memorable experience that customers can associate with the brand. In this endeavour, the store has employed the latest technology for wholistic bicycle purchase assistance. Upon entering the store, you can find your ideal bike using the ‘Find My Bike’ application. Once you meet your perfect bike, it’s time for a ‘test ride’ on the in-store bike simulator. Here, you can get an almost real-life feel of riding the bike, enabling you to make a more informed choice. Assisting you in this process is our highly knowledgeable team that is ready to guide customers at every step of the way. From amateur riders to professionals, from kids to adults, the grand store has exclusive bicycles and accessories for everyone.

We believe this to be a significant step ahead in making cycling not just a weekend activity, but a way of daily commute for people. We are certain that with the opening of the FIREFOX BIKE STATION, the year 2020 will see a new age in cycling for Delhi, and ignite the passion for the sport amongst people across the nation!