Summer's right around the corner and what better way to urge your little ones to soak up the sun than by taking up a fun outdoor activity like cycling? Not only is it a great way to promote being active, but it also turns out to be a lot of fun for your kids as they make new friends and go on exciting adventures around the neighborhood! It also gives them a sense of freedom, making them more responsible and aware of what's out there.

So, how do you encourage your kids to leave behind their gadgets and hop on a bike? The answer's not that difficult.

A good bike that suits their needs.

First things first—getting a bike that is built using good quality materials, fits their size and rides really well, makes your kid want to ride it more and more. No one would have fun on a bike they don't like, especially if it isn't comfortable for them. Make sure the size of the bicycle is appropriate for her/his size. This not only makes cycling more fun for them, but it also keeps them safer as it comes with better quality tires and brakes.

The more the merrier!

Kids enjoy cycling much more when accompanied by their parents, siblings and especially their friends. Encourage your child to go cycling with the kids who live in the neighborhood.

Get them good riding gear and safety equipment

Having usable, purposeful accessories along with the bike makes it a more involving experience for the child. A good helmet, riding gloves, tail lights, mud flaps, etc. keeps them safer on the bikes whilst increasing the fun factor.

Make it a hands-on experience

Encourage them and teach them how to perform minor repairs on that bike. The list may include inflating the tires, fixing a flat, realigning the brakes, getting the slipped chain back on the cog, etc. Watch videos with them on how to perform these repairs. This is sure to turn out as a great bonding activity. It will also make the differences between a properly repaired and an improper bike apparent which will make them want to repair themselves more often!

Encourage them to join a few rides:

Every town has multiple cycling clubs who also conduct rides for beginner riders. A good 10 - 15 km ride is an excellent starting point for your child to discover the love for cycling. Go along with them for a beautiful Sunday morning ride! The more time your child spends with the bike, the more they'll love riding!

Good luck! And keep riding.