Firefox Bikes believes in an inclusive society that transcends boundaries and differences created by physical or mental abilities. As a continuous effort toward this goal, we tied up with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) with Volunteer4India for the #EverydayAbility movement. Our guiding principle of #EverydayAdventure remains at the core of the movement. Together we push boundaries with adventure sports for Persons with Disability and the able-bodied together. We truly believe that every individual’s life can be made a little more exciting with a little bit of adventure!

Through our partnership with ABBF and V4I, we started the movement in Pune with riding and rappelling, then hit Mumbai with riding and rock climbing, followed by paramotoring in Delhi. Our latest destination for the movement was Bangalore on 20th January, 2018. Our riders joined the ABBF participants, V4I volunteers and the organisers at Equilibrium Climbing Gym, early in the morning.

  • As always, the event began with a briefing session for the participants and volunteers. Mr. Divyanshu Ganatra, founder ABBF, spoke about the purpose of the movement and the need of PWDs and able-bodied individuals working together. After the safety instructions, the participants began wall climbing side by side. It was truly remarkable and awe-inspiring to watch PWDs and able-bodied individuals conquering great heights together! We were extremely excited to also have the Principal and a student representative, Karan, from Delhi Public School, Yelahanka. Karan is one of about 300 students who are differently abled, enrolled at DPS.

  • The event ended with a closing circle where everyone spoke about their experiences of the event and learnings. The goal is to shatter the misconceptions around disability. Events like these create experiences and memories that are important in shaping the perspectives of people and give them insights into lives of those who are different from us and yet the same in many ways.

  • Join us and show your support as we take the movement across 2 more cities, Hyderabad and Chennai, and then back to Delhi. We look forward to continuing our adventure with ABBF. Thank you to the volunteers from Volunteer4India for facilitating this movement!