Naturally, the best outdoor activity in Bangalore becomes cycling. Aside from being great for your health, cycling will let you enjoy the great weather of the city and also beat the traffic and congested roads. To that, we have identified a few routes in and around the city for you to explore on weekends – even if you are already cycling to work through the week!

  • If you want to start off short and easy. The routes mentioned below are your pick. Equipped with a decent road bike you should be able to cover these distances with ease.

    Jayanagar – Madhavan Park – Lalbagh
    Easy roads with a great destination. Though truth be told, cycling around Jayanagar and JP Nagar can be quite rewarding in itself with its ample green cover and old school feel of Bengaluru.

    Hebbal – Yelahanka – Kempegowda International Airport
    Great for a group of friends who want to push their abilities just a little bit. A straight road with some flyovers and many many places along the way to grab breakfast or brunch.

    Cubbon Park
    If you are more comfortable with circuits and want greenery around you while you sweat it out, then Cubbon Park is your cycling destination. Don’t be surprised to find many seasoned weekend riders at Cubbon Park.

  • If you are feeling particularly adventurous, then these routes should satiate the adrenaline junkie in you. You will need either a hardtail bike or a bike with good suspension for these routes.

    Nandi Hills
    The hilltop, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, is about 8 – 10 kms from the base with a slow-moving ascent. While the ride upward can be gruelling, the ride back down is a joy like no other.

    A little outside the city, this route is coupled with lush farms and serene lakes. The terrain is relatively flat out but demands a little bit of endurance from the rider. The scenery around is the highlight of this route – especially morning rides.

    Old Madras Route
    When sceneries don’t matter and speed becomes the focus, then this route is for you. Its fast-paced and the weather usually plays a challenge to riders in terms of strong winds.

Head on to this weekend and share your tales with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you are from another city – don’t fret. We will cover more cities across the next few weeks!

Ride. Sweat. Enjoy. Make your own #EverydayAdventure.