Beaches and delicious food, Chennai is a magnificent city that proudly speaks of its culture and traditions. Now a megacity, this city still holds on to its history and offers aesthetically pleasing sights in all directions. If you are a cycling enthusiast, this city is going to be one of your best exploring adventures. Adding to your excitement, local Chennai food has been declared as the second best in the world! We’re listing down some of the best cycling routes in the city, so hop on your bike and ride towards happiness!

  • Anna University to Marina Beach
    A gorgeous route that takes you across the beach. If you want to witness the famous sunrise, start cycling early in the morning. This route will take you across Napier’s bridge, a popular tourist spot. At 22.5 km it makes for a promising night ride.

  • Porur Junction to Chembarambakkam Lake
    This is a popular adventure trail for cycling enthusiasts. You can start cycling at Porur Junction and ride along till Chembarambakkam Lake. This 32km route has an uphill terrain and steep slopes and is perfect for someone looking for a challenging ride.

  • Velachery MRTS to Ottiambakkam Quarry
    Ottiambakkam Quarry is an abandoned stone quarry that has transformed into a lake over the years due to water accumulation. Start cycling from Velachery MRTS and ride along the scenic villages till you reach the quarry. After you’ve cycled along this 30 km road, hike up the quarry and you’ll be blessed with a panoramic view of the entire city beyond the lake!

  • Madhya Kailash to Pallikarnai
    Pallikarnai during the winters is home to a few migratory birds. Starting at Madhya Kailash, this lovely route takes you to the marshes of Pallikarni, which is an admirable sight to visit. Ride along the peaceful stretch of 21 km between November and February for exciting birding sessions.

  • Chennai to Pondicherry via East Coast Road
    This is undoubtedly one of the best routes to cycle along. Even though it is a 150 km long-distance route, the pleasant sights and well-marked roads will ensure a blissful experience for you. Make sure you cycle at your own pace and take an overnight break to avoid exhaustion.

So now that you have a cycling plan ready for Chennai, start planning your trip today! If you think we’ve missed out on one of your favourite routes in the city, let us know and we’ll make additions to this list.
Happy Cycling!