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The roads of our beloved nation can put the most patient driver to the test. Here are some rules, regulations, and precautions to follow if you're a road cyclist

Rules for Cycling in India | Road Cycling Rules

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15 Nov, 2022

The roads of our beloved nation can put the most patient driver to the test. The plight of riders is its own ballgame. Then to add bicyclists to the mix. Well, we are here to help you out of your misery. Especially since the trend of cycles in India is rapidly rising.

  • Safety comes first. Helmets, lights and reflective jackets. Always wear a helmet, keep your lights on irrespective of the time of day and remember to put on a reflective jacket if you are cycling after hours or in the rain.
  • Always carry deodorant, wet wipes and a change of clothes with you. The fumes and dust will only do you damage, always wipe and freshen up after you get to your destination. The deodorant and change of clothes are self-explanatory. 
  • Traffic Rules. Do not cut through traffic at busy signals. Ideally get off the bike and walk it across. However, experienced cyclists do feel comfortable blending in with motor traffic and cycling past fast moving vehicles. 
  • Remember, you are part of the traffic on the road, which means direction of movement applies to you too! As much as you can, ride on the left side of the road. Be wary of jaywalkers and pedestrians.
  • Bike Accessories. You need a loud horn. It won't clear traffic but will warn people of your presence. Definitely get a fender (mud-guard) if you are going to ride during the monsoons. As much as you don't want to be splashed in a puddle, those behind your bike don't want mud kicked up at them. Also, fenders prevent the mud from flipping up to your back!

At the end of it all, caution is the key to cycling on the streets. But be confident and enjoy your rides. These few precautions will do you wonders! Ping us if you have more tips for fellow cyclists.