A Guide on Must Have Bike Accessories

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There are a few bicycle accessories that are essential in ensuring a smooth ride. But, what are these accessories? Find out now

Cycle Accessories Buying Guide: Safety, Performance and Comfort

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29 Oct, 2022

You have finally found the perfect bicycle after a lot of research, deliberation, and multiple visits to the cycle store. It is everything that you ever wanted. But, before you hop on the bike and ride off, wait! There are a few bicycle accessories that are essential in ensuring a smooth ride. But, what are these accessories? Find out now!

  • Cycle Lock:- A good cycle lock is a must, and you can easily buy this cycle accessory online. Even if your own neighbourhood is safe and you don't mind leaving your bike unlocked, can you say that about every place you will visit? No! And, isn't it better to be safe? There are two types of lock based on the locking mechanism, key lock and combination lock. The combination ones are better as you don't have to fuss around for your keys all the time. This lock from Firefox is a good example of a sturdy combination lock. You can run coil through the wheel and lock it. You can also use this lock to attach the cycle to a pole or a fence so that no one can move it from its place.
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  • Helmet:- Cycles do not usually go at speeds as high as that of a motorcycle or a scooter. But, this does not mean that you should become complacent about your safety. A good helmet should have a few basic features. It should fit well, should be sturdy, should be lightweight, and should have some ventilation. It should protect you from any injuries if you were to meet with an accident and shouldn't cause you any discomfort while wearing it. This helmet from Firefox is the perfect example of a good helmet.
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  • Lights:- Can you imagine driving a car at night without the headlights and taillights? Of course, not! Then why do so with your cycle? The headlights will provide enough illumination that you can see the path ahead and the taillights will help vehicles behind you aware of your presence. Whether you are riding on a city road or riding through a forest path, bike lights are a must have bike accessory that you can buy online. Moreover, certain taillights, like this one from Firefox come with flashing functionality as an added benefit. The lights on each side flash alternatively. It helps catch another driver's eye and informs them of the presence of the cycle in front.
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  • Water Bottle and Cage for Bike:- Cycling can make you dehydrated, especially if you are going on long rides on your cycle. And, you cannot predict if there will be drinking water available when you feel thirsty. So, be prepared and carry a water bottle on your cycle. You can fix a bottle cage to keep the bottle secure when you are riding the cycle. It is better to get a bottle with a pull nozzle rather than the usual twisty cap. It makes it easy when you have to drink water. A plastic cage will do the job of holding the bottle, and it will also be weather resistant.
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  • Cycle Bell:- Even though most cycles come with bells, wouldn't it be great to have something that serves multiple purposes? A bell with a compass is just what you need. This can come in handy if you go for long rides through a forested path. There may not always be landmarks to guide you. But, if you start the journey with the knowledge that your destination or the way out is in a particular direction, then you can follow that direction on the compass. You can change the bell if you want something with a different sound that can also help you out when you are lost.
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  • Cycle Pump:- It is not always easy to find a place to refill the air in the tyres. It would simply be easier to buy a pump. When you hear the words cycle pump, the first thing that comes to mind is that huge pump that you see in cycle repair shops. But, that is not your only option. A mini pump is easy to carry around, takes very little space, and does the job well. What more reason do you need to get your own pump?
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  • Cycle Shorts:- How much you enjoy your bike ride depends on how comfortable you are. And, comfort here is not solely dependent on choosing the right bike with the right fit. It is also about getting the right clothes and bicycle shorts have the utmost importance here. These shorts protect you from any discomfort while riding as they prevent chafing and keep you sweat free. You can even get padded shorts that offer extra cushioning.
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Buy Bike Accessories Online Today!

The bicycle parts and accessories mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg and are the most essential. But, there are a plethora of accessories that you can get from the Firefox website. If you are just a beginner to cycling, then make sure to get the accessories mentioned above, and you will never be in a lurch during your ride.