Everything You Need To Know About Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking has grown popular in the country recently. If you are going on an #EverydayAdventure, ensure that you are first trained for it

All You Need to Know About Mountain Biking

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19 Nov, 2022

Mountain biking has grown popular in the country recently. Adventure seekers and cyclists indulge in this sport while trying to upgrade their game at it. The Himalayan Range is one of the best locations in our country for such an adventurous sport. If you seek thrill, this route will test your grit and give you an experience of a lifetime! 

However, mountain biking can be dangerous. It needs professional guidance and certification. So if you are looking forward to going on an unstoppable off-road #EverydayAdventure, ensure that you are first trained for it. 

So, what is mountain biking?

Mountain biking is an adventurous sport which will indulge you in cycling through tough mountain terrains and alleys. This off-roading sport can be pulled off through specially designed cycles and it requires a lot of stamina and practice. It will test your optimum fitness and precision. 

Here are some mountain biking tips:

The most important tip for a mountain cyclist is to practise regularly. Preparing yourself for this activity will require you to plan your lifestyle. A good diet, stamina endurance and understanding techniques must be followed religiously. 

Braking mechanism:

Since you will be cycling on uneven terrains and rough routes, your entire ride will depend on your braking technique. You need to understand when to shift the weight on the wheels while cycling upslope or downhill. Each bike has a different braking impact. So if you go off-roading with your friends, each one of you will have a different braking technique. 

Mastering the descent:

Riding downhill requires more effort than you think and you must have complete control over the bike. What you have to keep in mind while going downhill is to ensure that you shift big chain wheels and avoid shifting your weight from side to side. Rising slightly above the saddle, keeping front paddle higher are a few measures to avoid bumps and obstructions. 

Climbing Uphill:

Cycling uphill requires a lot of effort and stamina. Some things you can follow for the rulebook and the rest you will have to explore, depending on your bike, comfort, terrain and purpose. The basic rules you will have to keep in mind are to ride up on lower gears, staying seated, continue pedalling and lean forward at all times while going uphill.

Here are some other precautions you could take:

  • Understand your bike, its features and techniques.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Never compromise on fitness.
  • Keep a track of the place and climatic conditions.
  • Calculate the risks before pedalling forward, even when you are an expert at it. 
  • Always carry your first aid kit. 

Now that you have understood everything about mountain biking, set out on a new #EverydayAdventure! Remember to train yourself from an expert and practise as much as you can.

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