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A city made whole with history, culture, food, multiple ethnicities, and diverse cultures! Here is a list of cycling routes to explore in Delhi.

Cycling Trips in Delhi | Cycling Delhi

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22 Oct, 2022

As promised, here is a second list of cycling routes to explore in the National Capital Region. A city made whole with history, culture, food, multiple ethnicities and diverse cultures! Not forget the very hotbed of politics and controversy. Naturally, the citizens of the region need to get away from it all every now and then and just immerse themselves in the soul of the city they call home. A city that despite its urbanity, has pockets of green cover and beautiful parks, not taking away from the calm and picturesque side streets. Here are a few routes to get cycling on this weekend.

  • Najafgarh Wetlands:- On the out skirts of the city, this route connects Dwarka to Haryana, running along the Najafgarh drainage canal area . Traffic here is minimal with lush green surroundings. The winters bring many migratory birds here so maybe if you head on there soon you could get a peek at the Northern Pintails and Bar-Headed Geese.
  • Mangar Bani Stretch:- Mangar Bani is a huge forest on the outskirts of South Delhi, accessible from the Faridabad – Gurgaon Highway. This trail is for the more experienced rider or the adrenaline junkie. You need a good mountain bike with good suspension and thick wheels, and of course, a puncture kit is always recommended on trails.
  • Aravali Bio-Diversity Park, Gurgaon:- A green escape from the concrete jungle. The inclines in this area can test the limits of a first-time trail rider but it gets easier as you get across the park. This is a popular spot to go in groups almost any time of the year. The greenery of the park makes the summer heats of NCR just a little bit bearable.
  • Dwarka to Sultanpur:- If you have been cycling for some time and are looking at some endurance-testing routes for distance and speed, then this trail is for you. The 65-km loop crosses Najafgarh Wetlands and many farms and villages along the way. Given the geography, traffic and pollution are minimal, making the ride quite rewarding.

Now you have 4 more routes to check out this weekend. Share your experiences with us and let us know if we have missed some popular trails.

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