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Visiting a store, experiencing the bike, and then making a purchase. And this is why Firefox launched Jhandewalan, a popular cycle market in Central Delhi

FireFox Jhandewala: biking destination for kids - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
14 Dec, 2020

When it comes to buying a bike, some people want it the old school way – visiting a store, experiencing the bike, and then making a purchase. This approach especially works with kids because it’s always better to take them to store, get them to try a couple of options and then buy one. And this is why Firefox keeps investing in stores that double up as experience centres, where people come, experience the bike and soak in the ambiance before making their choice. One such store is recently opened in Delhi’s Jhandewalan, a popular cycle market in Central Delhi.

Let’s have a closer look at the Firefox Jhandewalan

The store

Centrally located, the store can be reached through the Blue Line Metro. Jhandewalan is known for being one of the oldest cycle markets in Delhi. In fact, people from whole of Delhi NCR can be seen checking out bikes there on any weekend.

Kids den


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The store can be easily called a playground for kids. The ambience, the designs, the colours, everything is put in place and assembled keeping kids of different age in mind. Its vibrant colours welcome these young #GoBiking enthusiasts and indulge them in a never-before bike buying experience.

Fun place to be


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Besides being one of the best stores in Delhi that showcases Firefox range of bikes, the store also doubles up as a fun place for kids. It has a rock climbing wall for kids to try their hands on. Punching bags give them a chance to test their strengths. And Lego Wall is a favourite among the kids where they can design using the Lego sets.

 Now that you know about Firefox Jhandewalan, how about dropping by and checking out the best bikes for your kids.