Why Bicycling Makes Us Happier

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People who cycle regularly show sharp memory skills, high concentration levels, better problem-solving abilities, and fluid thinking, Learn more

How cycling can make you happier in life

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19 Nov, 2022

Cycling helps in mind development 

When you exercise, you nourish your mind. It acts as a fertilizer to your brain. So in activities that involve all-around physical exertion, your brain gets a continuous flow of oxygen and blood. This makes your brain release dopamine and oxytocin which active happiness! So when you cycle, you force movement of nerve cells in your body. As these neurons activate, they strengthen the formation of neurotrophic proteins which promote the growth of new brain cells, which in-turn make your brain work faster and better.

So people who cycle regularly show sharp memory skills, high concentration levels, better problem-solving abilities and fluid thinking as compared to people who do not cycle.

Cycling will help you get better and enough sleep

Most of the people today complain about not sleeping enough. We all know that inadequate sleep can result in low productivity, bad moods, and dullness. On the contrary, if you sleep well, you have a fresh mind and be energetic all day.

An early morning ride might seem really stressful in the beginning but it will help you in many ways in the long run. Cycling early will help you organize your day and plan everything better. Cycling is a good cure for problematic sleeping conditions like insomnia. This is because cycling combined with daily chores will keep you mentally and physically occupied so much so that by the end of the day, you will sleep peacefully.

So take on an #EverydayAdventure every morning and boost your energy and attentiveness all day!  

Cycling will help you increase your energy levels

You may think that sports activities like cycling will exhaust you and drain out all your energy. However, it does the opposite! Riding a bike will boost your mood and energy levels instantly while helping you balance your mind better. As you cycle, you end up multi-tasking by pedalling, keeping your eyes on the road, breathing accurately and motivating your mind to go further. This will increase your enthusiasm at work and other daily chores. 

Cycling helps in stress management and keeping positivity.

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It refreshes your mind, helps you think positively and can fight depression. Mental fitness is more than just having an active mind. It also includes emotional wellbeing. When you go out cycling, you breathe in fresh air and socialize with others. This lifts up your mood and releases stress.

When you are positive, your emotional, mental and physical levels are balanced.

Overall, regular cycling will help in keeping your adrenaline and cortisol level in check. This will make you bounce back from anxiety so you live a happy life!

So daily cycling will not just benefit you physically, but mentally as well. If you feel anxious or lethargic with your daily routine, take on an #EverydayAdventure and cycle away to happiness!