Hybrid Bikes Guide: Types, Buyers Checklist, Benefits

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What's a Hybrid Bike? Check hybrid bikes guides for beginners. Check out Types of Hybrid Cycles, Buyers Checklist, Benefits here!

Hybrid Bikes Guide: Types, Buyers Checklist, Benefits

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06 Sep 2022

With an increased focus on health and fitness, people are slowly beginning to realize the numerous health benefits of cycling. Riding a bicycle not only helps you exercise but also acts as a recreational sport. Cycling provides an easy way to mix fun with exercise for many busy professionals. Few metropolitan cities also have dedicated bicycle tracks while many residential complexes in cities have tied up with 'pay as you use' cycle providers.

There are many kinds of cycles available in the market. We, at Firefox, are pioneers in the world of cycle manufacturing. Of the numerous types of bicycles produce, the most common and value-for-money cycles are hybrid bikes or hybrid bicycles.

What Are Hybrid Bikes?

Hybrid bikes are a mix of mountain bikes and road bikes. Hybrid bikes include the best features of both, mountain bikes and road bikes making them well-suited for any terrain. The most stand-out features of hybrid bikes are:

  • Wide Tyres:-The tyre in a Hybrid bike tends to be broader than a road bike but slightly narrower than a mountain bike. The tyre width of a hybrid bike usually ranges from 28-40c. This helps you tread over most kinds of terrains.
  • Easy-to-Hold Flat Handlebar:-The hybrid bikes feature a flat handlebar which helps the cyclist sit in a relaxed and straight-backed position as compared to mountain bikes where the handlebars are low-lying, forcing the cyclist to bend slightly.
  • Lighter Than Mountain Bikes:-Another significant feature of a hybrid bike is its weight. They tend to be lighter than mountain bikes and thus can be easily ported using car stands. They are heavier than road bikes which makes them more stable on the city roads.
  • Comfort:- Hybrid bikes are more comfortable than both, mountain bikes and road bikes owing to their design, tyre size, and broader saddles.

The Best Hybrid Bikes of 2022

Now that you are aware of advantages of owning a hybrid bike as compared to a mountain bike or a road bike, we will take a look at some of the best hybrid bikes available in the market currently. We, at Firefox, are renowned throughout the industry for our pioneering vision and manufacturing quality. In this article, we will take a look at four of the best hybrid bikes for 2022.

Firefox Road Runner Pro D

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The Firefox Road Runner Pro D bike comes with an alloy frame and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. The bike features 21-speed Microshift drivetrain and is available in four sizes of 45.72 cm, 49.53 cm and 53.34 cm. The bike's zoom alloy front suspension fork and 700x35C tyres make it suitable for traversing mountainous terrains, as well as city roads. The Firefox Road Runner Pro D is a perfect choice if you are looking for a hybrid bike which is ideal for both, city commutes and off-road excursions. The bike weighs 14.6 kgs and is currently available in four vibrant colour options.

Firefox Rapide 21S Bike

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The Firefox Rapide 21S hybrid Bike is an excellent bike for beginners. It features an alloy frame with a rigid fork front suspension. The bike comes equipped with alloy V brakes and Microshift levers along with 7 speed Microshift shifters. The bike does not come with rear suspension but has wheels measuring 700x35C which are attached to double rim alloy frames. The Firefox Rapide is a lightweight bike weighing only 13 kgs and is available in two colours, matte copper and matte grey.

Firefox Volante

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The latest offering from Firefox in the hybrid category is the Firefox Volante. The bike comes with an alloy hardtail frame with smooth weld and internal cabling for the rear brakes. The bike features Tektro M730 V brakes and weighs 13 kgs. The bike's handrail is designed to provide full palm grip support and is ideal for long rides. Volante's rigid front fork suspension lends the bike increased road sensitivity, and its 3x9 Microshift shifters enable you to reach high speeds. This high-end bike is great if you are looking to upgrade your current hybrid bike and do not mind a slightly high price tag.