Reasons Why Hybrid Bikes are All Round Bikes

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A combination of road & mountain bike features gives us hybrid bikes. So, hybrid is what you need for daily commute or leisure riding. Get going

Hybrids Are Pretty Much All-Round Bikes. Here's Why!

Firefox Bikes
05 Nov, 2022

The type of bike you choose for yourself depends on a list of factors, some of them being average length of your rides, the terrain you usually ride on, the climatic conditions of where you stay, purpose to ride or maybe just a liking to how the bike looks.

In many industries, "hybrid" is the trend word. There is a level of globality that this word affords. Bikes has hybrids too! Think of a spectrum with road bikes at one end and MTB (or terrain) bikes on the other end. Almost everything in between is a hybrid. Ergo, a combination of features from road bikes and mountain bikes gives us the hybrid bikes. Now that in itself makes hybrids pretty cool a best of both worlds and all that.

On the surface, it's safe to describe hybrids as a bike with a flat handle, tyres that are thicker than road bikes but slimmer than mountain bikes, and a more upright position which makes long distance rides comfortable. Another major difference between road bikes and hybrids is the suspension. While lower model hybrids will have bear basic suspensions, the average hybrid will have much better suspension that road bikes. Another variation across is the spectrum is that lower model hybrids will have rim brakes while better models will come with disc brakes. Disc brakes are powerful and reliable irrespective of the weather. The brakes and suspension are two of the major perks of hybrid cycles. 

The Firefox Velocity, an alloy framed biked with 24 gears, comes equipped with Zoom Suspension Fork Hydraulic Lockout, 63mm Travel. A sleek red frame makes for good looks and its features make for a beautiful ride! Add to this the Firefox Road Runner series with alloy frames, Zoom suspension fork, 21 gear set, Tektro disc brakes and adjustable stems. All the hybrids made by Firefox have heavy R&D behind each product. It's no wonder that we are often compared to foreign brand cycles. Firefox bikes are built on quality. 

The argument can be made that most of us are looking at cycling through city streets and therefore why not pick up a road bike. They are usually cheaper than hybrids. But road bikes are built to handle perfect asphalt and short journeys. Think commuting on a large campus in a country like Europe. With perfect cycle paths. Let's not kid ourselves. Most of us are not going to be cycling on roads like that. So even if your agenda is commuting to work or the nearby grocery store, the hybrid still wins out.

So, what are you waiting for? You don't need more research. You already know the hybrid is what you need for daily commute, leisure riding, all-weather compatible, happy riding!

Get going. Feel the wind.