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We have some of the most picturesque cycling routes and destinations in Kerala for you to explore on your Firefox bikes. Make sure to check them out!

The Best Bike Ride Destinations in Kerala - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
23 Aug, 2021

Who would not like to ride on picture-perfect paths or trails? The lush green scenery of the Western Ghats, the serene coastal routes along the backwaters and acres of tea plantations make God’s own country a great place to enjoy all kinds of bike rides.

Kerala is a beautiful place, rich in natural beauty, heritage, and charming surroundings that offer a range of unique experiences for riders and adventure seekers.

We have some of the most picturesque cycling routes and destinations in Kerala for you to explore on your Firefox bikes. Make sure to check them out!

Most Picturesque Bicycle Paths in Kerala?

1. Munnar Tea Plantations

Located at an altitude of almost 1600 meters above sea level, the tea estates in the hill station of Munnar are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful routes in Kerala to experience the best biking trips.

If you’re looking to explore long distance routes with numerous bends, hone your skills with a ride from Munnar to Annamalai, through the Shola forest. Navigate the hairpins, twists and turns through the scenic hills and ride like a pro on a great adventure.

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2.   Varkala to Kappil Beach

The coastal town of Varkala has one of the most unique and picturesque cycle routes and you can experience the sweeping view of the sea while enjoying one of the best bike trips in South India.

It is the only place in God’s own country where the hills of the Western Ghats come close to the sea as the cliffs beautifully blend with the Arabian Sea. The route is one for unforgettable memories.

Whilst this is largely a risk free route for cyclists who want to cruise on good roads, thrill seekers can also try off-roading from Varkala to Kappil Beach through a non tarred and rocky road.

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3.   Alleppey to Kuttanad

Start from Alleppey beach and ride towards Kuttanad for a scenic bike ride near the backwaters. The region of Kuttanad is one of the rare places in India where farming is done below sea level and has lush paddy fields with small scattered hamlets adding to the scenery.

Every day and every ride is an adventure in Kuttanad and if you are a fan of riding in the rains, monsoons are the best time to go for a picturesque cycling tour of this region.

Gear up for a great blend of on-road and off-road biking through quaint villages and narrow semi-built roads. Needless to say, this path is ideal for those who love adventurous & rugged rides!

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4.   Valparai to Athirappilly

A bicycle route that must make it to every list, the road trip from Valparai to Athirappilly through the Idamalayar Reserve Forest is one of the most scenic routes in South India.

The best time to make your bike tour along this bicycle path is during and after the monsoons as the forest canvas turns into a shade of spectacular green with rivers and waterfalls swelling with energy and excitement!

For cyclists, this route offers everything an adventure lover would want. From scenic routes with multiple off-roading detours to a great mix of tarmac and terrains for a holistic riding experience.

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Exploring the hills, forests and backwaters of the state on a bicycle can be full of thrill and excitement. So get your bike ready and #GoBiking to experience your own incredible adventures along some of the most iconic routes in God’s own country.