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To bring forth the real mountain biker in you, the following mountain bike accessories can prove to be great additions to your kit.

Mountain Bike Accessories

Firefox Bikes
06 Nov, 2022

If you have only just levelled up to a seasoned biker from the rookie phase, you probably have a head brimming full with questions and ideas. You are, in all likelihood, also thinking about ways to advance yourself technically and go a step ahead to ride not just faster and harder, but also for long spells and in a safer manner. For this, you would need to make some crucial investments in specialised mountain bike accessories to get the most out of your passion for mountain biking.

To bring forth the real mountain-biker in you, the following mountain bike accessories can prove to be great additions to your kit.

Bottle Cage:- When on a long-drive expedition on your mountain bike, what you need the most is easy access to your water bottle, which can also be attached to your bike handle. For this, a bottle cage with a bike fitment is an excellent option. There are alloy & plastic options for the bottle cages as well, so you can choose one which suits your style the best.

  • Front Light with Battery:- Upgrading your mountain bike almost always derives the need for a front light to enable you to ride safely, even in the dark. For this, you need to have enough provision and space for a flashlight that can go on steady for hours on a single charge. The best option for this is the front light with battery, available at Made out of silicon, these front lights weigh just 110 grams and can be comfortably fitted on the front of the bike. These LED lights allow visibility up to 10 meters and can run for 10 hours on AAA X 3 batteries. Hence, for a safe mountain bike experience, these lights can be your safest bet.
  • Head Protector K-140:- When pursuing your passion for biking, you cannot let safety take a backseat. Mountain biking involves riding on aggressive terrains. This can cause unexpected accidents for which a rider should be well-armoured to save themselves from injuries. A head protector is, therefore, a must for every ardent mountain biker. The head protector, K-140, listed on, provides complete head protection while being comfortable and light. Made out of PC, Polystyrene, PP, Nylon, and Polyether, it has been constructed with a double mould, along with an FS7 fit system, to ensure complete safety to the head when riding on difficult terrains.

Final Thoughts

For any budding mountain biker, apart from appropriate armour that includes proper clothing, proper shoes and pedals, full-finger gloves and eye protection, other vital areas need to be paid attention, to add substance to your passion for mountain biking. is an online store that stocks all kinds of bike accessories required for the bike, as well as the rider, to make mountain biking an enjoyable experience. Simply log on to the Firefox Bikes website and get your hands on everything that you require - under one roof.

So, secure your ride with a secure mountain bike, along with best-in-class accessories for a biking adventure that's safe and exciting.