New Year Cycling Resolution: Off-Road Cycling

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New Year Resolutions 2023! If you are a passionate cyclist or just plain curious, we bring to you 5 new year's resolutions that befit a cyclist

New Year Cycling Resolution: Health, Nature And Off-Road Cycling

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05 Nov, 2022

Every year on New Year's eve, we make resolutions which we plan to carry out in the year to come. Some promise to quit unhealthy habits, others decide to try something new, while most others take a resolution to be healthy and fit. Ever wondered what a cyclist's new year resolutions sound like? Well, if you are a passionate cyclist or just plain curious, we bring to you 5 new year resolutions which befit a cyclist.

New Year Resolutions 2023!

Making a new year resolution is very easy; staying committed to them is the difficult part. Most of us give up on our resolutions half-way through the year. Thus, we recommend that your new year resolutions should be something that excite and motivate you. This way, there are higher chances of you completing them. Also, stick to 4-5 small resolutions, or say 3 big ones. Committing yourself to too much does not help in achieving the desired results and leaves you feeling dejected. Let us look at some of the new year resolutions that you can pursue as a cyclist

Cycling Towards a Healthier You

It is well known that cycling is not just great for recreation but is also a full-body exercise regime. This year, make a resolution to cycle regularly and not let your cycle turn into a cloth stand. This will not only keep you fit, but will also keep the cyclist in you alive and throbbing.

Ditch the Car, Grab the Cycle

This year, let your car stay in the parking lot while you commute to work on your cycle. Make a resolution that you will cycle down to your office or college at least 3 days a week. This will result in lower fuel bills, a greener environment and a fitter you!

Try a New Cycle Trail

To get some freshness in your monotonous cycling expeditions this year, try a new cycling trail. Ensure that the trail is safe and hop on while you discover something new and different. To be a little more adventurous, you can also try long-distance biking expeditions and challenge your limits.

Mop, Clean, and Dust

To ensure that your cycle stays in a good condition, do not forget to clean and service it regularly. For this year's resolution, promise yourself that you will keep your bicycle squeaky clean. So, when you decide to challenge yourself, your cycle is there to support you.

Join A Cycling Club

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The best way to motivate and encourage yourself to cycle is to join a cycling club. There are many cycling clubs that are functional and communicate through Facebook groups or WhatsApp. The groups usually decide on a date and time when all the cyclists would meet and go for a short excursion. So, find a cycling club in your city and become a member.

Cycling Just For Fun

Not every cycle ride needs to be a trek or an expedition. Sometimes, cycling just be fun and still do wonders for your spirit. Make a promise to yourself that instead of going back to sleep or binge-watching shows, this year, you will go cycling whenever you're free. Experiencing nature and people up-close while cycling is a true joy and is bound to bring a smile on your face.

These are some of the new year resolutions you can decide to abide by in 2023. Again, do not aim to complete a lot. Take small steps and complete one resolution at a time. By the time its new years eve 2023, you will find yourself to be a lot happier and fitter.