Which is the perfect cycle for you?

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Which is the perfect cycle for you: Road Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Electric Bike or Hybrid Bike. Each bike has its own unique features and is suited to a particular terrain, as well as need. Check out all the details.

Road, Mountain, Hybrid, or Electric: Which Is the Right Bike for You?

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20 Sep 2022

Cycling had slowly become a lost sport, but thanks to growing health concerns, it is catching the interest of many. Riding a bike is a great way to keep your body in shape, and is one of the best mediums of transportation environmentally.

But buying a cycle is not as easy as one might think. There are a variety of cycles available in the market, starting from mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, and hybrid bikes. Each bike has its own unique features and is suited to a particular terrain, as well as need.

The more you read about each type of cycle, the more confusing it becomes to decide upon a bike. If you are facing the same dilemma, then you have come to the right place.

Road Bikes

  • Tires:- Usually thin and smooth for gathering speed.
  • Handlebars:- Dropped handlebars facing inwards.
  • Posture:- To be driven in a forward and downturned posture
  • Terrain:- It is best driven on tarmac roads for racing, touring, and general commuting

As the name suggests, a road bike is best suited for tarmac roads and is lightweight with very thin and big tyres, which lend it great aerodynamics. Road bikes are great for daily commuting and touring purposes but are not suitable to everyone as they require the rider to arch forward in a downturned posture. Though riding a road bike is fun, ensure that you are comfortable with the riding posture and its speed before you get one for yourself.

Mountain Bikes

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  • Tires:- Thick and wide for balance.
  • Handlebars:- Flat handlebars with gears.
  • Posture:- Straight.
  • Terrain:- Gravel, off-road, dirt path or unpaved path.

Mountain bikes are a piece of must-have equipment for people who enjoy trekking and travelling in the wild. These bikes come with pretty thick and knobbly tires that help in maintaining stability on rough mountainous terrains. Another great feature of mountain bikes is its strong brakes. Besides, the riding posture required by a mountain bike is very relaxed in comparison to road bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

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  • Tires:- Thinner than a mountain bike but thicker than a road bike.
  • Handlebars:- Flat handlebars
  • Posture:- Straight.
  • Terrain:- Can be driven on both tarmac and dirt paths.

If you are someone who likes to go trekking in the mountains and also prefers cycling to work daily, then the hybrid bike is your saviour. These bikes, which ride great on roads, as well as dirt paths, are every multitasker's dream. Hybrid bikes are also more popularly known as cross bikes.

Electric Bikes

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  • Tires:- Same as hybrid bikes.
  • Handlebars:- Flat.
  • Posture:- Upright.
  • Terrain:- Can be driven on both dirt path and tarmac.

Electric bikes are like an answer to every couch potato's prayers. These bikes run on a motor which is inbuilt within the cycle. With the help of the motor, the rider can increase or decrease the speed of the cycle without really increasing the pedalling rate. Electric bikes in some countries are considered as a normal vehicle and require a helmet and license. They are great for people who commute long distances and might not be in shape to cycle for long.

Parting Words

These were the major types of bikes from the many hundred varieties available in the market. We hope this article helped you decide which bike is best suited for you and your requirements. Happy cycling!