Rolling Through Mumbai

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Mumbai is great for cycling! We have identified a few routes for you to explore on the weekends, and the rest of the days, in and around Mumbai

Cycling in Mumbai

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29 Oct, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, Mumbai is great for cycling! It has numerous tracks that cut through the most scenic views of Mumbai. Most of which lie through the old town, giving you a chance to sightsee and bike at the same time. There is nothing more rejuvenating and relaxing compared to the wind on your face as you cycle through a city waking up to its hustle bustle.

To help, we have identified a few routes for you to explore on the weekends, the rest of the days, explore the Local if you please.

  • Bandra to Churchgate:- Riding through beautiful boulevards and wonderful views, this ride ends at the picturesque, Nariman Point. Swerving through temples and parks will give your trip an adventurous twist.
  • Marine Drive to Bombay Fort :- Along CST, Sasoon Docks, Bombay Panjrapole, Marine Drive and Crawford Market. The best part is Marine Drive, nearly 4 kms long solid concrete road along the beautiful bay of Mumbai.
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park:- If you to escape the city and get in touch with nature head to the erstwhile Borivali National Park. Relish the serenity of the woods and ride around the lakes. If you aren't pressed for time, a quick pit stop at the Kanheri Caves will truly seal your fate.
  • Worli Sea Face:- Short and beautiful. Approximately 4 km loop is perfect for some laps with morning freshness and cool sea breeze. Be warned, the stretch gets crowded very fast.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, then look at the routes given below. You will need either a hardtail bike or a bike with good suspension for these routes. Ideal would be a well-built hybrid bike.

  • Eastern Express Highway:- Flat road that takes you past the crowded streets of Mumbai and give you sneak peaks of beautiful green spaces. But remember to carry enough water to sustain you through the whole ride. It could be tough for the amateur rider.
  • Yeoor Hills:- A little outside the city, Thane offers steep slopes and curvy roads to get your adventure going. Aside from riding, the hills also offer short hikes which are great for small groups.
  • Western Express Highway:- If you want to push yourself and are looking for a challenge, hit the Western Express Highway. A long stretch with many bridges to keep your muscles pumping.

Head on to this weekend and share your tales with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you are from another city don't fret. We have covered Bangalore and now Mumbai. We will cover more cities across the next few weeks!