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If you are looking for places to cycle in India, here are a few scenic routes in Pondicherry you'd love to discover on your bike - Firefox Bikes

Routes in Pondicherry

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30 Sep 2022

Cycling in India is gradually becoming popular with many people choosing to commute to work on bikes and several tour companies offering cycling tours in different parts of the country.

Cycling through a new city is, indeed, a thrilling way to explore it. On a cycle, as you negotiate the various turns and curves, you can't help but be a part of the life around you, interacting with your surroundings in a much more active manner than when compared to staring out of a car's window.

If you are looking for places to cycle in India, what better than the quaint streets of Pondicherry. Boasting of a beautiful coastline, tree-lined boulevards, tiny cafes, and kind-hearted and friendly people, cycling in Pondicherry is indeed a delight and also a sustainable mode of transport.

Here are a few scenic routes in Pondicherry you'd love to discover on your bike:

  • Tamil Quarter:- The Tamil Quarter in the North is divided into three quarters, one of which is the Hindu Quarter, reflecting the divide and rule policy of the colonial times. Explore the area by cycling through the gorgeous Vysial Street to view various Tamil-style buildings and famous Dravidian-style temples including the Perumal Kovil.

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  • Muslim Quarter:- The Muslim Quarter is also a part of Black Town and home to some interesting Islamic architecture. Next, ride to the Christian part of the Tamil Quarter to visit the beautiful Portuguese-style Cathedral of our Lady of Immaculate Conception and gape at the Modular Clocktower, before wading through the eclectic Grand Bazaar.
  • French Quarter:- The French Quarter, located in the east of the Tamil Quarter, is a popular part of Pondicherry that resembles a colourful village in France. If you are cycling in Pondicherry, make sure to go down the Rue Romain Rolland, Rue Dumas, Rue Suffren, and Rue La Bourdonnais in French quarters and find yourself transported to another world.
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  • Beach Road:- Had enough of the city? Then amble along the scenic beach road on your bike to view a plethora of sites ranging from sandy shores to historical landmarks, including the Kargil War Memorial, Old Court Building, Ecole Francaise d'Extreme Orient, BR Ambedkar Memorial, Le Cafe, French War Memorial, and a 19th-century lighthouse.
  • Auroville:- Auroville is a scattered settlement, spread across 20 sq. km, with a lot to see and do. However, Auroville discourages the use of motor transport and is best explored on foot or your handy bike. You can hire a bicycle in Auroville for as less as INR 60 per day and enjoy the place at leisure as you pedal along the scenic roads, feeling the fresh air on your face.
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  • Cycling in Pondicherry:- The small town of Pondicherry is a tourist’s delight. From the scenic coastline to colourful fishing villages and picturesque streets, there is much to explore in Pondicherry on your bike.

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