Routes in West Bengal

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You can begin pedaling at dawn, watch a fascinating sunrise, treat yourself to some momos and continue till dusk in West Bengal. Explore now!

Cycling Routes in West Bengal | Cycling Trails

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6 Oct 2022

Cycling is a delightful way of discovering new places. It not only gives you a healthy way to explore a destination but also helps you enjoy the essence of the city. West Bengal is one such beautiful state with amazing cycling routes in all its cities. This state has a different energy, and so do the people. 

You can begin pedalling at dawn, watch a fascinating sunrise, treat yourself some momos and continue till dusk.

So if you wish to go on a solo trip or explore our country with a new perspective, West Bengal is the right place to begin with! Here are some of the best routes.

  • Patelnagar (Birbhum) to Sainthia Station:- This is one of the most scenic routes for cycling. You can start your ride from the small town of Patelnagar in Birbhum and pedal all the way to Sainthia Railway Station. This is a paved path where you can experience a smooth ride. You will come across vast stretches of cultivated lands. Don’t miss out on the sunset, it is a soothing experience. The entire ride will take you about two hours and forty-five minutes.

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Darjeeling to Yuksom:-  If you are looking for some #EverydayAdventure, this is the route for you! These roads are at a greater altitude and you will have to cycle consistently. Start from Darjeeling and pedal towards Pelling. As you continue cycling for an hour, you will reach Yuksom. There are some breath-taking views of Northern Bengal! Since there are a lot of mountain points where you can stop to watch the sunset. Pelling city is a cyclists paradise! 

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  • Jhalda to Mukutmanipur:- This route will take you through the beautiful districts of Bankura and Purulia. These two places are popular for the greenery and beautiful weather. You can plan a long weekend trip and take halts at different locations. Jhalda and Mukutmanipur are brilliant places with beautiful landscapes. Start at Jhalda, pedal across Ajdohya and Charidah and continue to Pakhi Pahar to Mukutmanipur. The landscape is heavenly! 
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  • Darjeeling to Siliguri:- This could be one of your most memorable tours! Siliguri is as beautiful as Darjeeling and Bengal take pride in its landscape. Start cycling from Darjeeling and reach Mirik. There will be a difference in temperature, so take a halt there and continue to Siliguri. The scenic beauty of this entire trip is breath-taking!

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West Bengal is a beautiful place, cycle away to its beautiful destinations and enjoy an #EverydayAdventure! If you are inspired to cycle to such destinations and are looking for your ideal ride, check out our website. We have a range of cycles catering to kids, women and adults!