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    • 14 Speed Gears
    • Alloy Rigid Fork
    • Alloy Caliper Brakes
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Let us help you find the perfect bike.

For a cyclist scaling a peak, it’s trust in his bicycle that makes all the difference!


Expert Opinion

Vikas Anand

Charger 29 is a mountain beast


Vishwanath Roy reviews Firefox Gravel- Pirate 3.0

Gaurav, Zigwheels

An MTB that’s just as easy to ride in the trails as in the city?


Bad Attitude 10- no more compromise, now ride only the best.




Never had a breakdown since I bought Firefox Bike. My experience with Nuke has been really rewarding.




The Pedal Mode helps me exercise and the battery throttle mode helps me commute quickly without getting exhausted.



Q1. What is a Road Bike?

A Road Bike is a type of bicycle that is designed specifically for riding on pavement. It has narrow tires, lightweight frames, and an aggressive geometry that allows for maximum efficiency and speed on smooth surfaces. They are built for speed and efficiency on paved roads, rather than off-road capabilities. Road Bikes often have drop handlebars and a more aggressive riding position than other bikes.

Q2. What is the difference between a Road Bike and a Hybrid Bike?

A Road Bike is specialized for speed and efficiency on pavement, with narrow tyres, lightweight frames, and aggressive geometry. With wider tires, a more upright position, and built for comfort, a Hybrid Bike is versatile bike, designed for a variety of terrain. In short, a Road Bike is specialized for pavement, whereas a Hybrid Bike is versatile for various terrains.

Q3. What is the main feature of a Road Bike?

With narrow tyres, lightweight frames, and aggressive geometry, a road bike is designed for speed and efficiency on pavement. It also has a more aggressive geometry, drop handlebars, and a high gear ratio for maximum performance on paved roads. Firefox Road Bike features a curve and drops handlebars for an optimal rider position, as well as aerodynamic alloy frames.

Q4. How do I know if a road bike is a right fit for me?

To determine if a Road Bike is the right fit for you, you should consider your riding style, body size, and personal preferences. A properly fitting Road Bike should have the correct frame size and seat height, as well as the appropriate handlebar and stem size. You should also ensure that the bike is comfortable to ride and that you can reach the brake levers and shifters easily. It is always a good idea to test-ride a Road Bike before purchasing it to ensure that it feels comfortable and that it meets your needs.

Q5. Can road bikes be used for races?

Yes, Road Bikes can be used for races. They are designed for pavement and are efficient for long-distance riding and racing.

Q6. Can Road Bikes be used for long difficult routes?

Yes, Road Bikes are lightweight and fast, making them suitable for challenging routes. They are designed for pavement, and are efficient for long-distance routes. However, it’s worth noting that some Road Bikes may not be as suitable for extremely difficult off-road terrain, and some other specific types of bikes like Hybrid, Mountain, and Gravel Bikes may be more suitable for that.