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Monsoon is here, there's no better time to dust off your Bike. As you plan your weekend monsoon ride, here are a few safety tips to ensure you have a smooth one

Cycling Safety Tips For Your Monsoon Ride - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
16 Sep, 2020

Monsoon is already here there's no better time to dust off your Firefox Bike and #GoBiking because, believe us, you want to - especially after being locked down for months. But when you head out, make sure you are monsoon ready.  

 There's a thing about rains. They almost cast a spell on us and have us believe that probably going out and getting drenched in the rain is the best feeling in the world. And we won't disagree. We'll only add that taking your Firefox Bike for a spin in the rain is an out-of-the-world experience. Hiking through trails, exploring new terrains and cruising through long winding roads, while it's raining, is a thing to do. But while you are at it, make sure you do not over-do it. 

 As you plan your weekend monsoon ride, here are a few safety tips to ensure you have a smooth one:

 ‍1. So, how's the weather 

It's always advisable to check weather conditions before you plan your ride. Drizzle is fine, but heavy showers or thunderstorms can get problematic. Avoid going out for a ride if you see an extreme weather warning. Checking the weather in advance prepares you better for that ride you've been planning for days. 

 2. Air, we need air

Make sure you check your bike thoroughly before you head out. Check if it needs any repair, especially the air pressure in the tires. Most of the times, we ride into jeopardy when either the air pressure is too much too less. Get a Bicycle Mini Pump exclusively designed for Firefox Bikes from our accessories section. It is always going to come handy to you. 

 3. Dress right, ride right

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During the monsoon, the atmosphere tends to get foggy, and heavy rains can affect the field of vision. While you wear stuff that stops you from getting drenched, it is always wise to wear a Reflective Vest that ensures visibility so that others on the road can spot you easily. You may want to check out our accessories section as we have a perfect one for you. Pair it with Reflective Trouser Band, available in the accessories section, for added visibility and you are done. 

 4. Heading out? Take care of your head.

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People who #GoBiking regularly know that a helmet is the riders best friend on the road. It protects you from accidents and injuries. We have an exclusive range of helmets, go, pick the one that suits you the most.

 5. Let there be light

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While going out for a ride in the rain, make sure that you have a light installed on your bike for better navigation when it gets dark and cloudy. It will be a good thing to have lights on the front and at the back of your bike. Check out our accessories section for bike lights. We have some for the helmet too.

 6. Fenders or mudguard, call what you may want to, but these sleek things do prove useful when you wade through slush during the monsoon. They keep the mud and muck away from you up to a larger extent. Check out these beauties that come with LED lights in our accessories section.

 7. Keep riding, stay connected. 

Let's agree, our world revolves around our mobile phones. We can't think of a time when we aren't carrying it in our pocket unless done intentionally. Taking your mobile phone along on the ride during monsoon is a good idea, it can come handy in the times of emergency. But mobile on a rainy ride? We must be kidding, right? No, we aren't. Because we have some cool Mobile Phone Bags that are a good bet against the rains. These covers are designed to keep your phones in perfect conditions, even in the rains. 

 So, don't wait anymore. The weatherman tells us it's going to rain soon and we can tell you, it's going to be an awesome ride. Plan one now and get monsoon ready with accessories from Firefox Bikes. Visit today and order some.