School's Out. Let's Ride Now!

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Summer vacation is just around the corner, pick up a Firefox Junior bike for your child and let them kickstart their #EverydayAdventure with Firefox Bikes

Children Safety Precautions for Riding Bicycle

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06 Nov, 2022

Almost every adult's memory is of cycling in the summers with their friends for endless hours in the Sun. We didn't care about skin tan, we didn't care about homework, we didn't care about anyone except our gang and our cycles! Let's keep the tradition going and give our children the same joy. With school almost done and summer vacations just around the corner, pick up a Firefox Junior bike for your child and let them kickstart their #EverydayAdventure

There are some safety precautions involved, as always. Educate your child about the importance of riding with the proper gear clothes, helmet and shoes. Don't let your child ride in slippers, denims and no helmet! And if you aren't going to be around while they are pedalling it out in the Sun, remind them to drink lots of water and put on sunscreen before they head out!

The benefits of cycling are immense for growing children. A sense of independence and responsibility are imbibed through riding by themselves and taking care of their ride. Allow your children to ride around your society and explore the spaces around your house. But make it clear that they can't go beyond a certain point due to safety reasons. If you live close to a road with any traffic, help them cross a couple of times before letting them do it by themselves. Remember to get off the cycle and push it across the road and mount the cycle on the other side. Ideally, one should cycle across a road with traffic only after years of experience and confidence in riding.

Its important that children understand the importance of caring for their possessions. A cycle is a great way to inculcate that responsibility. Start with small things like dusting the cycle once a week and then graduating to filling air in the tyres. After they have figured these two and are able to clean the bike and fill air without your help, then show them how to clean the chains. These responsibilities seem insignificant but play a great role in a child's development.

Finally, cycling is a great way to bond with your child! On weekends, you can ride together to a park close by or a swimming pool or just a cafe for some breakfast and juice! On a particularly hot day, grab your bikes and head to an ice cream parlour to beat the heat!

And if your child doesn't have a cycle, then head on down to a dealer closest to you. Firefox has a whole range of children bikes starting from the age of 3 years. Make this summer memorable for you and your child. And share your memories with us and we will share them on our social pages. 

Keep riding. Keep bonding.

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