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Stay fit for the festive season

How to Stay Fit in Festive Season - Stay Fit | Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
29 Sep, 2021

The time for festivals is here, everyone’s favourite time to indulge in delicious sweets and delicacies that are an integral part of Indian festive celebrations. While giving in to your food cravings, it can be hard to maintain your diet and prioritise “staying active”, especially when you’re busy with the festivities, get-togethers and celebrations as these things can adversely affect your health and cause health issues.

The packed schedule of the Indian festive season might lead to a drop in overall physical fitness activities that could derail one’s long-term health goals. While you might find it difficult to find time to go to the gym for a workout, you can always cycle for the smallest of things like running for errands during the festive period. Moreover, cycling is a fun activity to enjoy with the entire family as everyone, from the eldest member to the youngest, enjoys cycling.

Here are some important tips that’ll help you stay fit for the festive season.

1. Take up Cycling or Continue your Cycling Routine

Try to ensure you continue your exercise training or cycling routines. If there are schedule constraints, you could opt for shorter but more vigorous workout routines. For instance, try short sprints when you go cycling or ride uphill to ensure you’re burning the same amount of calories. Maintain your daily physical activity by cycling early in the morning to keep your evenings free for social events.

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2. #GoBiking to Burn the Calories in Advance

The festive season is around the corner and if you haven’t already taken up cycling as an activity to achieve your weight loss goals, it is a great way to get in shape for a guilt-free festive season. Biking would help build your fitness levels, muscle endurance and overall stamina and physical health. You could cycle more than your current routine to ensure you’ve burnt the extra calories in advance.

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3. Hydration is the key

Drinking a lot of water is essential for maintaining your body, especially during hectic festive occasions. This can also satiate your appetite and therefore help you reduce the intake of calorie-heavy foods, be it sweets or fried dishes.

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4. Eat Less More Often, and #GoBiking

Try to distribute your meals evenly throughout the day, and do not eat everything at once. Instead of having enormous meals, have smaller ones. In addition to distributing your meals, #GoBiking after you eat with your family and friends for leisure rides. This is a good way to bond with them and at the same time ensure you burn away the unwanted carbs and develop both your and their fitness.

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5. Choose your treats wisely

Be selective in choosing the right festive treats, as overeating can aggravate health issues and chronic health diseases. Additionally, it would help if you chose something that would not make you feel guilty and therefore not strain your mental health. Keep in mind your desired food ingredients and stay prepared to compensate with extra physical activity.

Set cycling targets based on the calories and sweets you intake to even out the imbalance and continue to maintain your fitness levels by cycling with more intensity or for a longer duration.

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So here are some things to keep in mind while ensuring you stay fit for the festive season coming ahead. Make sure you #GoBiking regularly and remain active to enjoy the best of the celebrations.