Planning A Long Distance Cycling Trip? We Answer Some Of Your Most Common Questions.

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We are giving some easy tips for riding long distances. Here we have answered the most asked questions related to long-distance bicycle touring.

Tips for Long Distance Biking for Beginners

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20 Oct, 2022

Are you a cycling enthusiast? If yes, stop doing everything and read this blog now! We are giving some easy tips to ride long distances for a newbie like you! Cycling is one of the most versatile activities. It can be as relaxing and as intense as you want it to be. Not only will it help you lead a healthier lifestyle, but it will also help in saving the environment from pollution. So let's take a look at some of the most common questions. 

How can I work out the best route to travel?

Traveling on a cycle is extremely different from driving. On a cycle, you can enjoy quieter lanes and little streets, making your cycling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are planning to take a trip to the mountains, you can pick shortcuts and lanes that will also let you relax and explore unusual spots you cannot reach to, in a car.

How do I cycle safely?

One of the most important things is to ensure you wear proper riding outfits and a safety gear like the helmet and knee pads. If you are going to cycle during the monsoons, wear waterproof jackets and trousers. Choose the fabric that does not restrict your movement but also soaks up sweat and water.

What if I get a puncture?

Learn to fix it! It is very easy, what you need to be careful about is getting the tire back on accurately. These things will get easier with practice. However, to avoid punctures, you should always watch your road. Keep the recommended pressure which will help you ride smoothly through all terrains.

How do I make the experience enjoyable while vigorously cycling throughout my journey?

Always remember, you need to cycle at your own pace. Do not stress yourself out physically or mentally. One of the best ways to ensure you do not get exhausted is by cycling with a group. Join cycling clubs or find like-minded people to travel with. You can also go on a little cycling adventure with your family! Be in-sync and ensure nobody gets exhausted.

How do I find the perfect bike for myself?

Finding a perfect bike is an extremely personal experience. Not all cycles are suitable for everyone. It depends on the frame size that suits your height. For a comfortable experience, you also need to pick a bike which is apt for your agenda of riding. So if you are looking for long distance and off-road rides, go for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

Now that some of your doubts are answered, prepare yourself for exciting #EverydayAdventures. Happy Cycling!