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Studies reveal that cycling has several positive effects on women. This comprehensive guide explains why cycling is important for women.

Why Cycling is for the Women of Today

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04 Nov, 2022

In 2018, a 20-year old Vedangi Kulkarni from Pune became the fastest Asian to cycle the globe. The feisty lady spent 159 days, covering 29,000 km across 14 countries to complete the challenge.

An incredible feat, indeed! But, also a rare one, isn't it?

Some studies report that there are at least three male bikers for every one female biker in the US. In India, the number of women bikers is expected to be far fewer.

The reason for this divide is explained by Sustrans research conducted in the UK, which found that in addition to traffic, many women avoid cycling due to lack of fitness and other issues around appearance. In India, besides traffic, women feel unsafe about commuting on a cycle before sunrise and after sunset due to safety concerns. Also, the lack of infrastructure and proper riding paths is another major deterrent.

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But, are these reasons enough to forego the benefits of cycling? Studies reveal that cycling has several positive effects for women. These include:

  • Better Social Circle:- Cycling is great as a solo sport, as well as, a group activity. If you plan to start biking, you will find many likeminded women in your neighbourhood to cycle together as a group, a good option to relieve tension and make lasting friendships.
  • Increased Confidence:- There is something very uplifting about a group of women riding freely on their bikes. Health reasons aside, riding a bike gives you immense confidence and physical strength that will make you feel empowered in every aspect of life. According to a study, cycling is also known to boost your brain health by increasing the blood flow to the brain that could be linked to heightened creativity and better performance at work.
  • Health Benefits:- Cycling is one of the best forms of exercises, especially for women. Cycling for 20 to 30 minutes every day could help you sleep better and it also improves your immunity. Even during pregnancy, doctors advise regular exercise to prevent excessive weight gain. Cycling indoors is a good activity to undertake during pregnancy, but it is advisable to speak to your doctor before picking up any form of exercise in your first trimester.
  • Ready to Purchase your Ladies Bike?:- Ladies, riding a bike is not only a sign of freedom but also has immense health benefits for you. Imagine zipping through the city with your friends on your women's road bike or undertaking weekend adventures on your <strong>ladies mountain bike.

Yes, we know you are concerned about your safety but are you aware that most developed cities in India are reworking their infrastructure to accommodate safe cycling and parking?

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