Be The Trend: Women Take To Cycling

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Firefox has a whole range of cycles for women. Some bikes have women-specific frames while others are generic and adaptable to both genders.

Range of Cycles For Women | Women Cycling

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19 Nov, 2022

Over the last decade or so, we have seen the Indian public take to cycling not only as an exercise and a recreational activity but also as a mode of commute. However, the numbers are heavily skewed towards men; the number of male cyclists on the roads is manifold higher than the number of female cyclists.

Speculation could lead us to many reasons for this. One more bizarre than the other, or some fairly sound arguments. We believe that everyone should enjoy the sheer joy of riding a bike whether to work, to run errands, burn the calories or for a leisure ride. Firefox has a whole range of cycles for women. Some bikes have women specific frames while others are generic and adaptable to both genders. 

The Firefox Tailwind comes with an alloy hardtail frame that is women specific. The Tailwind has alloy rims, Zoom suspension fork and Microshift shifter. To top it off it comes in two colours. Everyone knows that spoiled for choice is always a pleasant state of being! The Firefox Breeze is another great bike with a steel hardtail women specific frame. Similar to the Tailwind, the Breeze also comes with alloy rims and Zoom suspension fork. The clear plus point for the Breeze is that is comes with quick release for the seat post as well as the front wheel! Easy maintenance for the win!!

Aside from the ladies cycles ranges, Firefox also has many cycles that can be used by either gender, irrespective of height and build. These cycles, naturally, come in a variety of colours with enough accessories to completely pimp out your bike. The hybrids would be an easy choice for women looking to commute regularly on their bikes or for those who want to use cycling as a fun way to get fitter. However, if you are looking to go trail biking then pick your ride with care. 

The Nuke 27.5 is a mean machine that boasts Suntour Suspension and TEKTRO hydraulic brakes. You will feel confident enough on those two wheels to take on most average-difficulty trails. With Alex Alloy 32-hole tubeless double wall rims, control and steering will come almost as second nature and soon you will leave everyone in the dust! 

Again, spoiled for choice! If you want something lighter, then check out the Mistral with alloy aerodynamic road frame and alloy double wall rims. The sleek frame and slimmer tyres make it great for long distances on asphalt as well as rocky roads! 

Whatever your needs and requirements, the point is, you need a cycle!! Yes, you need a cycle. So, head on down to the nearest dealer and take your pick. Maybe even share a picture with us on our Instagram page.

Cycle for fun. Cycle for life. C'mon, ladies!