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In the mood for some break? If you are wondering where to take your cycle for a spin over the weekend in Bangalore, we have a few suggestions - Firefox Bikes

Best Places for Cycling in Bengaluru - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
08 Jul, 2021

In the mood for some well-deserved break?

If you happen to live in the Garden City of India, you’ve already had fortune smile down on you. For you get to live in one of the places which has considerately given you places to go cycling to. In fact, Bengaluru plans on installing cycling routes much like the ones found in Europe! Isn’t that amazing? If you are wondering where to take your cycle for a spin over the weekend, we have a few suggestions.

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Cubbon Park

It’s not surprising that Cubbon Park tops our list. The wide roads, tall green trees and serene vibes have put this on the map for the cyclists. You can take your bike via BEL Road, along Sankey Tank via Palac Road. We believe you can go upto the Kanteerva Stadium. All of these are some beautiful routes for short city rides as well.

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Airport road

Apparently the Airport Road is a good cycling route for those living in Bengaluru too. It's perfect if you're going out with your group of friends. However, while it's easy to get there, it's equally difficult to come back. So ensure you're up for that challenge.

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GVKV Campus

While there are restrictions on time, this space offers safety, facilities for food and water, and the most important thing of all - trails. This campus is a favourite haunt with the city's cyclists who love meeting up here on weekends.

Nandi Hills -

The Nandi Hills trail could be tedious for beginners. It is located beyond the airport. Even though the road is wide and good for cycling, it is still a little out of the way. This trail should be undertaken by only those who have had previous experience of climbing hills on bicycles. It is quite the challenging route. After all, the Nandi Hill trail of 8km from base could be a tough undertaking for a beginner. We suggest going there on weekdays as there would be hardly any traffic at the time.

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Turahalli Forest -

One of the established cycling trails for Bengalureans is the Turahalli Forest off the Kanakpura Road. This can be visited via Uttarahalli or via Banashankari. This hilly terrain is an invitation to adventure for sure. It’s a forest that’s preserved in Bengaluru and situated around 10 km from Jayanagar. If you are in Bengaluru and a cycling enthusiast, this needs to be added to your bucket list.

What are your plans this weekend then?

So, where do you plan on heading off to over the weekend with your cycle then Bengalureans?