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You can plan your weekends around Pune, by visiting each of these cycling routes. Here are our top five picks from in and around the city - Firefox Bikes

Cycling Routes in Pune | Cycling in Pune - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
05 Aug, 2021

If you’re based in Pune or have recently relocated there, one of the best and eco-friendly ways to explore this city is by cycling around. The scenic views that the Pune cycling routes have to offer more than makes up for the lack of transportation inside of the city. You can plan your weekends around visiting each of these cycling routes. Here are our top five picks from in and around the city.

Sinhagad Road

Between 40 to 35 km from Pune is the perfect place for you to explore: Sinhagad. On the way there you would be treated to magnificent views around the Khadakvasla Lake. Unfortunately, the broken terrain could make it difficult to cycle up the hill. But whether you’re new to cycling or a seasoned cyclist, this is a brilliant place to go to.

Bonus: traditional jhunka bakri pittla and matka yogurt that’s sold at the fort. So, that’s another reason to get this plan going.

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Panshet Dam

If you do plan on going to the Sinhagad Fort, another spot you should consider is the Panshet Dam. This route is thought to be one of the most popular cycling routes in India. On the plus side this beautiful route has pleasant weather almost throughout the year. It’s a safe haven for those who love ghats, and are always up for a good adventure. If you enjoy going to places off the beaten track, you would love this experience - with the mountains on one side and Panshet Dam on the other, this cycling trail brings to you an experience like no other.

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Approximately 50 to 53 km from Pune is the scenic Mulshi. If you’re not tired out after reaching Chandni Chowk and would like to go on a longer ride - we recommend making your way towards Mulshi. It’s a natural beauty and a mesmerizing view, especially for the sore eye. For the scenic lovers and the photographers out there, this is an especially good route to explore. Start your ride from Bhugaon, and just keep going until you can. Since this is a longer ride and you might want to explore it during the rainy season, we recommend taking along your mountain bike or any hybrid bike.

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If you are up for traveling 57 km, we suggest going from Pune to Lavasa on cycle. It easily competes as one of Pune’s most scenic cycling routes. However, we are compelled to warn you that you need to be a seasoned cyclist for such a huge undertaking - firstly because of the distance to be covered, and secondly because it would be on a steep path. The landscape is filled with dense green trees, farms, and a dam. The best part? A cycling trip to Lavasa can be done in any weather.

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One of the main reasons cyclists prefer the Pune-Lonavala route is the fact that the roads are in such good condition and of course, the beautiful terrains.. This is every cyclist’s heart’s desire: a smooth ride. This route is perfect for early morning bicycle rides. Located around 66 km away from Pune, Lonavala offers the most beautiful landscapes. Plus, while you’re on the Lonavala-Khandala route also treats you to the view of Lonavala and Khandala Ghats.

 So, if you are currently in Pune and wondering what to do over the weekends, we have at least five weekends covered for you. Be sure to carry your helmets and your first aid kit with you when you undertake these longer bicycle rides. Happy cycling!

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