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It's that time of the year when holidays are on everybody's minds and we are surrounded by festivities, and celebrations. This may help you to pick the right gift

6 Best Gifting Ideas | Gifting Cycle - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
20 Dec, 2020

It's that time of the year when holidays are on everybody's minds and we are surrounded by festivities, celebrations, get-togethers filled with delicious food, unending fun, and gifts. Of all the things, we love that last bit the most where we exchange gits. There is something about gifts. We just love them, don't we? Be it about carefully picking up a gift for someone we love or getting a gift ourselves as a surprise - it has a certain charm. However, picking up gifts can be tricky because we just don't want to go wrong. 

Let us hold your hand there and help you select the best gift - a Firefox bike that is probably the best gifting idea you'll come across this season.

Firefox Street

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Firefox Street is a hybrid bike by Firefox and it's perfect for someone who is looking for a bike for their daily commute and leisurely rides. It's not one bike but many. Firefox Street comes with a Steel Hybrid Frame, Steel V-Brakes and a Steel Suspension Fork. Gift it to someone who is yearning for a hybrid bike and want to experience #GoBiking at its best.

Firefox Glitz 24

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If you know a pretty lass who is looking for an equally pretty and stylish ride, then look no further. Firefox Glitz 24 ticks all the boxes. With chic looks, vibrant colour and stylish stance, this bike is a delight to ride. Its alloy wheels, front Wicker Basket and Steel Fenders give it a timeless classic look.

Firefox Mutiny 20.

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Now here’s something for your little devils – Firefox Mutiny 20. Gift them one and you will thank us later because your kids will just love it. Firefox Mutiny 20 comes with an oversized steel frame that makes it a sturdy ride for the little ones. Besides, alloy rims and steel BMX handlebar lend it an edgy, stylish look.

Firefox Torreto 27.5 D

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Know someone who loves adventure? Then you are about to stumble upon the best gift for them. Firefox Torreto is a newly launched bike that can master any terrain – be it smooth highways or off-roads. It is a sturdy ride thanks to its wide tyres, alloy suspensions and strong frame. Firefox Torreto is a perfect partner to cruise through terrains and tick milestones after milestones.

Front and rear lights.

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Our #GoBiking community is big on accessories. And what could be a better gift for an avid biker than a set of Firefox front and rear lights? It comes with 2 super bright red LEDs that operate on 2 AAA batteries that come with the pack.

Water Bottle 

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Long rides need a lot of water and this water bottle with reflective insulation is the perfect companion for someone who loves to ride to long distances. Just pick it from our stores, neatly gift wrap it and you are sorted.

 With these 6 gift ideas, you are sure going to nail the gifting season.