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The winter season shouldn't be taken lightly and it is vital that you have the right winter gear for rides; here are some #GoBiking Gear for Cold Weather Rides

Cold Weather Cycling Gear | Winter Cycling - Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
06 Dec, 2021

“The cold never bothered me anyway!” - Every Firefox rider.

It’s time to bring out the boots and jackets because the season of cold winds and lazy mornings has arrived. Despite the strong urge to pull the blankets over one’s head and cozy up underneath with some hot cocoa, heading out in the winter months could lead to some incredible adventures.

The winter season shouldn’t be taken lightly and it is imperative that you have the right winter gear for rides to prevent hypothermia, frostbite and sicknesses like common cold, shivers and swelling. However, you need not worry as here are some essential #GoBiking gear for winter rides.

Full Length Leg Warmers

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Needless to say, you need to protect your legs from the chilling winter winds and breeze. Any good and effective gear must keep you warm without causing discomfort. Additionally, having anti-odour, antimicrobial, and moisture management properties are also important to ensure your skin doesn’t suffer from rashes or chills due to sweat.

Check out the full length leg warmers from Firefox that are made with highly breathable fabric and ergonomic design for a wholesome cold weather riding experience.

Full Finger Gloves

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Your hands and fingers are right in the front, taking the brunt of the cold headwinds as you go riding on open roads, hilly terrain or cross country. These can cause your fingers to shiver and can lead to frostbite too. Equip yourself with full finger gloves that will keep your hands warm and ensure you don’t lose control due to the weather.

Check out our Full Finger Gloves that are designed for maximum comfort and come equipped with rexion technology for touch screen access

Full Sleeve Jerseys

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Wearing too many layers during your #GoBiking trip is going to be uncomfortable, while wearing few layers would lead to loss of body heat in the winter weather. Ensure you are wearing something that would provide a layer of insulation without compromising on the fit and ride experience. Choose Full Sleeve Jerseys that come with ergonomic design and are made with breathable fabrics that also help with moisture management and are antimicrobial. These should keep you warm on the inside and will form a good base layer that is worn underneath a jacket in lower temperatures as you ride in winter wonderland.


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Mountains and hill stations offer an elevated winter adventure experience. If you are an avid mountain biker or recently decided to buy mountain bikes that are best equipped to tackle the tricky winter conditions, you should definitely wear windcheaters during your MTB rides. Ideal windbreakers would stop the cold mountain breeze, keeping you warm & comfortable, and also protect you against any unexpected rain or flurry.

  So, we hope you’ll equip yourselves with the best winter #GoBiking gear for your cold weather rides. Do share your incredible winter #GoBiking ride images with us on social media!