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Junior Bikes (9-12 Years)

With bigger dreams come bigger bicycles! The Junior bike range from Firefox is meant for those kids who love their riding escapades. With wheels designed for the specific age group, easy to handle lightweight alloy frames, and receptive breaks, these bikes shoulder their dreams with complete confidence.

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A junior bike for your growing child!

Your little ones have outgrown their kids’ bicycle with training wheels and safety pads, right? So, as they are graduating from kids to juniors, their cycling adventures should grow with them. To give them just the reason to continue, Firefox Bikes offers a wide range of bicycles for your little grown-ups! Here’s a bicycle for 9 to 12 years old kids, that enables and empowers them to ride off into the horizon, and explore the world on their own. That said, we know the care and concern for their safety is something that continues to hold great value to you. So then, how do you make the best choice for a bicycle for kids this age?

How to choose junior bike?

Finding the right balance between fun and safety can be a challenge. But with a Firefox Bike for your 9-12-year-old, you can be assured of both. Here’s a quick overview of the junior bike specification that make these the best in their range:

  • a 61 Cms wheel size for a safe and comfortable ride
  • lightweight frames that make the bike easy to carry
  • quick release (QR) seats that can be adjusted according to the kid’s height
  • receptive breaks that promise complete control
  • steel seat post and alloy wheel rims that are safe from rust
  • comfortable suspension to absorb shocks on any roads

While these factors have a critical role to play, safety also depends on choosing a bike of the right size. So then, what do you need to consider while looking for the right junior bike size for your 9 to 12-year-old? Here’s a quick size guide to answer that question!

Height (Cms)

Kids Bikes Size & Age Group



61 Cms (9-12 YRS)

Axxis, Breeze, Bad Attitude, Cyclone & Dart

As your kids ride to their heart’s content, these features ensure that their ride is supported by a sturdy junior bike frame. Its premium quality fittings and materials are meant to give the bicycle a longer life, that your kid can make the most of. From uphill mountains, to off-roads, and smooth stretches, these junior bikes from Firefox are designed to support their adventures on any road. Keeping in mind the young, energetic spirit of your juniors, these bikes come in attractive designs and colours that complement their vibrant souls perfectly!

So, here’s your chance to give impetus to their dreams, and encourage them to explore the world to its farthest ends on their very own Firefox Junior Bike!