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Choosing a Bicycle for Kids for 7 to 9 year old:

Your kid saying that their bike is a kiddo’s bike is your cue to get them a bigger one. Their legs are bent when they touch the ground, and even their knees bang against the handle when they pedal! Yes, it’s about time they got their ‘grown up’ bicycle. But then, how do you make the right choice for a bike that they’ll love, and you can completely trust? Well, Firefox Kids’ Bikes for 7-9 years is the answer all your questions. To know which kids bikes specification you should be on the lookout for, here’s our quick and easy guide!

As your kid is in one of the peak growth ages, you need to look for a bike that’ll complement their development. However, you also need to be cautious not to choose one that’ll be overwhelmingly large for them. Well now, this can be tricky to get right.

What kids bike size is ideal for 7-9-year olds?

Given the average height and weight of girls and boys this age, a 20” wheel size is taken as the ideal. Additionally, also look at the bike seat’s minimum and maximum height to ensure that it matches with your fast-growing child. To cater to this critical consideration, Firefox Kids’ Bikes come with seats having quick release (QR) that can be easily adjusted according to your child’s height.

What is the appropriate kids bikes frame for 7-9-year olds?

While talking about the frame, the first thing to look for is sturdiness. Further, you can choose from a number of frame types to suit the nature of your child’s rides. As children generally ride in the vicinity of their homes, a standard frame bike can be the best option. You can also opt for a BMX-inspired frame to add an element of excitement and thrill to their rides. To make this easier for you, here’s an easy frame guide you can refer to:

Height (Cms) Kids Bikes Size & Age Group MODEL

With such safety concerns satisfactorily addressed, another puzzle for parents is ‘whether or not to have training wheels?’. While that’s really an individual decision, keep in mind that if your child can balance well on his bicycle, you may want to lose the training wheels. But if they still seem unsure or scared, ease them into the process of riding sans training wheels before completely eliminating them.

Finally, when buying a cycle for girls and boys, never forget about choosing the right colour and design. Make sure their bicycle has a fresh colour (painted in non-toxic paint) and attractive design that’s all the more inviting!