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Ladies Cycles range

When it comes to a ladies’ bicycle, Firefox believes in creating a comfort-style fit! Designed with women-centric frames suited for different body types and wider seats offering complete comfort, these cycles are just what a woman needs to explore the paths of adventure!

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Buying a Ladies Cycle Online:

Choosing and buying bicycles for women online is not an easy job! There are multiple aspects that need to be considered, with comfort and safety being top priorities.

Firefox Bikes brings to you a range of bikes that are a perfect fusion of safety, comfort and style for your #EverydayAdventure! Firefox Bikes presents bicycles all geared up for your safety, whether you choose a city ride or set off on your very own crusade up in the mountains, with a variety of exciting colours to choose from - all from the comforts of your home.

Ladies, Wondering How to Choose the Right Cycle?

Firefox has bikes for every terrain, be it city cycling or off roads.

We guide your purchase with a size chart to help you choose the right cycle, and we have categorised our bikes into ladies geared cycles and non-geared cycles. Our entry level non-geared bikes for women include the Firefox Breeze 26 and the Firefox Missfit V SSP. These non-geared beauties are available in two very exciting colours each and have hardtail frames made out of alloy and steel, with great suspensions.

Next, our range of geared women bikes includes the Firefox Tailwind, the Firefox Karma, & the Rapide Coral 700C. Available in a variety of colours, these bikes are perfect if you’re a city cycling diva, allowing you to cruise effortlessly around town, beating everyday gridlock of the streets.

Finally, in our newest arrivals is the Firefox Aztec 27.5D. If you crave the adrenaline rush and dare to be unstoppable, this MTB is designed to withstand the uneven terrain that the mountains come with, and to absorb shocks effectively. The Aztec 27.5D is not only versatile and efficient, but also stylish and available in various colours.

How to Choose the Right Ladies’ Cycle for you?

If you’re confused between geared and non-geared options, an important thing to remember is establishing what type of terrain you’ll be biking on. Gears allow for adjustment of pedalling effort, and are therefore ideal for hilly regions, mountains and uneven terrain.

Non-geared bikes are ideal for commuting on busy, flat roads. If you’re looking to beat traffic, or even a new weight loss regime, these single speed bikes are a classic choice for a city cycling diva.

Next, refer to our intricately designed size guide for buying women’s bikes and compare your height to determine the right fit for you!

What to Look out for in Bicycles for Women?

A bike’s components such as the brakes, suspension, frame and tires are of utmost importance. Luckily for you, all our bikes are designed with high quality metal frames, provide great suspension, are equipped with the best drivetrain, sturdy brakes for unexpected bumps, and solid heavy pressure tires to sail through every terrain.

What Makes Firefox Different from other Bikes for Women?

The latest women’s bikes from Firefox are designed to provide immense comfort keeping your safety in mind. All our bikes are designed with superior quality alloy frames made according to International quality and safety standards, and comfortable cushioned saddles to make cycling a joy! They are available in various colours to match your every mood and style, and go through various quality checks to make online shopping that much of a breeze. Our extra accessories to customise your seat and wheels give you a bike that meets all your expectations, so you can explore all the possibilities for your #EverydayAdventure.