This the season of joy and gifting. The winter’s set in and Christmas lights have turned on the twinkle. But is finding the perfect little happy-maker for your loved ones turning into a task? Swiping across websites and parading through city stores and still haven’t found the perfect gift? Well, here’s a nudge and a hint from Firefox Bikes to turn your stress around. Check out our ‘Season’s Gifts’ and be a proud Santa this Christmas!

1). Head Protector

We never want our loved ones anywhere in harm’s way, right? So, here’s a Head Protector for that dear old cyclist friend of yours. This essential accessory is easily the most important when it comes to safety, and with a comfortable design, partners with the rider like a best friend (just like you!). So, this festive season, find a way to say ‘I care’, and make sure your friend’s head is in a safe space!

Price: INR 2,900

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2). Plastic Water Bottle Pull Up Nozzle 600 ML

Essentials never go out of style. So, when in doubt, a stylish and handy water bottle works as the safest and most practical gift. This all-weather, easy-to-sip-on water bottle made from non-toxic plastic is every rider’s go-to hydration solution. So, if you want to be remembered as a smart gifter, this one’s a clear choice!

Price: INR 1,120/-

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3). Full Finger Bicycle Gloves

Don’t we always look after the comfort of our loved ones? So do these Full Finger Bicycle Gloves. Made with breathable material and adequate cushioning, these hold your friend’s hand tight, just like you. Add to that a stylish look and feel that perfectly amps up your dear one’s ‘ride attire’. These are sure to get you promoted to the top of their favourite people’s list!

Price: INR 890/-

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4). Bike Knee and Elbow Pads

Stand in between your loved one and a nasty fall! While they ride off on an untraced path, send a safety cushion with them by way of these Bike Knee and Elbow Pads. Their comfortable Velcro fit and size options make sure your gift is as practicable as it is thoughtful! This sure is a worthwhile gift that communicates your care and concern, as also, gives an easy answer to their ‘safety’ question for the rides to come!

Price: INR 830/-

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5). Bicycle Lock-4 digit Resettable Combination without bracket

Your friend or partner loves you, sure! But more than their favourite bicycle? Well, not so sure now, are you? So, here’s a gift you can give them to take care of ‘their’ near and dear one! This Bicycle Lock is the one accessory that a true rider swears by, for it keeps their bike safe when unattended. With a strong spiral cable and 4-digit combination, their beloved two-wheel ride will always be with them, ready to be unlocked and ridden!

Price: INR 300/-

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