GoBiking Dilli Style!

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#GoBiking Dilli Style!

#GoBiking Dilli Style!

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09 Mar, 2022

The national capital region is uniquely located in the heart of Northern India and offers a rich mix of terrains and biodiversity for explorers and enthusiasts alike; from kilometres of smooth tarmac to dirt & gravel tracks by the Yamuna river to the hilly trails of the Aravali range. Cyclists in and around Delhi are spoilt for choice especially when it comes to rides of every length and duration with the close proximity to the Himalayas, the fertile flatlands and the desert as well. So whether you ride hybrid cycles, mountain bikes or are looking to buy bicycle online, here are some bike routes in Delhi NCR for you to explore.

1. Yamuna Off-Roading Trails

The Yamuna river is an integral part of the NCR region and there are several dirt trails along both its banks for riders to go and try out their manoeuvring skills. The key stretches to experience some rugged rides are located near the majestic Akshardham and Okhla Bird Sanctuary. These trails are ideal for MTB Firefox cycles and are super fun to ride on.

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2. Gurugram to Faridabad

This 7-10 KM stretch between Gurugram and Faridabad is a great length of road to practice #GoBiking. This bike route, with good roads and a mix of uphill and downhill is ideal for honing your gear shifting skills on a gear bicycle with Shimano Tourney, allowing one to get a mix of upshifts and downshifts.

3. Najafgarh Wetlands

Located on the outskirts of Delhi, the Najafgarh Wetlands are a paradise for MTB riders! The mix of different terrains allow for all sorts of rugged riding experiences. The lush green land is extremely scenic and the arrival of winter migratory birds makes this a ‘must do’ route for every biker in Delhi NCR. 

4. NH8 terminal turn off to Manesar

This section of the National Highway is a heaven for those who love speed, consistently and without many obstacles or diversions. This cycle route is ideal for road bikes given the lack of any rough terrain. The long rides are great to build endurance and stamina at high speed. One may even be tempted to try for a quick race to clock the fastest! It is certainly a must try amongst the cycle routes in Delhi NCR.

5. Sanjay Van

Located within the perimeters of Qutub institutional area, this forest within Delhi offers an incredible experience for cycles, especially those with a gear cycle. Be it 7, 14, 21 gears or 24, the gravel track built inside Sanjay Van allows for a smooth cycling experience amidst the tranquility of the forest. Sunrise and sunsets are especially pretty with watchtowers a short hike up to enjoy a great view from atop the hill.

A few worth mentioning cycle routes include Dhaula Kaun to 11 Murti, Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, Aravali Biodiversity park in Gurgaon and the 65 KM stretch from Dwarka to Sultanpur. These routes are fun on your Firefox cycles and can be great family trips as well!

So #GoBiking and keep exploring the best adventures in and around Delhi NCR.