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Maddok is designed to express & explore yourself.

Riding Maddok opens up a new perspective unlike any before.
Each aspect of the bike has been meticulously designed to give you a sense of
confidence while you turn your surroundings into your new-found playground!

There were only 100 Maddoks ever made!
You think you could claim one for yourself?


24 inches Wheel
24" Wheels

Firefox Maddok comes with a BMX Steel Frame and a 24” Wheels Set. The straight handlebar adds on to the handling and helps you rule every terrain with ease.

Minimal Design, Maximum Potential

The bike has been designed for you to explore terrains like never before. It also gives you a chance to own a powerful machine that comes in the most minimal setup!

60 MM Front Suspension
60 MM Front Suspension

Maddok’s front suspension makes jumping more comfortable and the landing smoother. Bid adieu to the back and shoulder pains due to hard landings

More Power,
More Clearance

The bike is a single-speed bike. But the superb combo of the 25T front chain wheel and the 9T on the rear make riding easier and more effective!

More Power, More Clearance
Ergonomic and Bike-tricks friendly
Ergonomic and
Bike-tricks friendly

The design of the frame, especially the top tube on the frame enables the riders to perform tricks more freely and with finesse.

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