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Autumn trails in India are largely about the experience of riding in some of the best nature has to offer. Here are some rugged trails to explore - Firefox bikes

Explore the Best Autumn Trails in India | Firefox Bikes

By: Firefox Bikes
09 Nov, 2021

Who doesn't observe the leaves from the trees and plants changing into an array of colours before finally falling away and laying the path beneath in yellow? Autumn is a delightful yet short lived season in India given the general tropic weather. Nonetheless, there are ample places to experience the majesty of the serene season with a vibrance of nature, exploration and adventure.

Autumn trails in India are largely about the experience of riding in some of the best nature has to offer. The cool, breezy weather makes for great brisk sprints to get the blood rush. With several of the glacier rivers originating from snow clad mountains receding, the river banks open up for some interesting rugged trails to explore on your Firefox bikes

So, if you haven’t yet bought a bike, now is a great time to buy cycle online, be it the best gear cycle for you or bicycles for kids to #GoBiking and explore the Best Autumn Trails in India.


Here are some destinations to experience autumn in India.

Desert highways of Rajasthan

The months of September and October are a great time to explore Rajasthan given that the temperatures in the desert state moderate down to what can be described as extremely pleasant and one could also catch a glimpse of some unique post-monsoon desert vegetation.

Cyclists of all age groups can explore the long stretches of highways in the state with a test of their endurance and stamina. It is especially a boon for long distance bikers to get some experience on the predominantly flat surfaces that stretch for kilometres. One can plan a route between destinations like Jodhpur and Jaisalmer or Jaipur & Udaipur to maximise their #GoBiking journey.

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Forests of the Hinterland

The centre of India, Madhya Pradesh is popular for its vast forest land, tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary. These forests offer an opportunity for riders to navigate the unexplored trails in these areas. One could also explore conquering the peaks of nearby cities and edges of the Western Ghats whilst enjoying a sea of all shades of yellow and ochre. The trails aren’t the easiest and offer several adventurous opportunities to try out the rugged features of your Firefox bikes.


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Valley of Flowers, National Parks and PeaksUttarakhand already is a great destination for cyclists to #GoBiking, but autumn brings about a whole range of experiences for all, be it those on a kids cycle or the ones on a mountain cycle with 21 gears.

Nanda Devi for instance is a difficult trek even in the most favourable weather conditions. However, in autumn the challenges are even more thrilling. The trek starting point of Munsiyari is a great place to try out the disk brake on your Firefox mountain bike as you maneuver your way around the thrilling trails close to the base camp.

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The hill stations of South India

Autumn is in its tranquil bloom in the hill stations of southern India, making it a great time of the year to explore the magical bends, meadows and unexplored hilly terrain spread across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala.

The coffee plantations of Munnar, the elephant abode forests around Coorg, the vast unexplored fields around Kodaikanal or the serene hill station of Ooty; all of these offer for unique #GoBiking experiences with riders getting a taste of sharp hairpin turns, natural paths laid down with branches & leaves, steep uphill slopes to test your power and endurance, and so much more!

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These are a few trails across India to experience Autumn like never before. Do let us know your Autumn #GoBiking stories on Facebook and Instagram!