With the Indian monsoons upon us, we understand that you might want to embrace the desire to go out and experience the glorious weather. And what better way to do that, than on the seat of a shiny new bicycle?

Cycling in India is on the rise. Those times are long gone when cycles were just the common man’s mode of transport. With more and more Indians becoming environmentally conscious and fitness oriented, the market for bicycles in the country has grown exponentially. The once basic & humble cycle now comes in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes. Now, you can pick from a vast array of bikes, both geared and non-geared.

Since its inception in 2004, Firefox has introduced significant upgrades to an industry in India that previously had no familiarity with premium and high-quality bikes. In the 15 years since, our brand has pushed the envelope when it comes to designing bikes that marry practicality with boldness. Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids & many more - Firefox offers a variety of bikes for every kind of rider.

So, to help make it easier for you to buy cycles online or in store, we have picked out the best Firefox bikes for you under the price of Rs. 20,000. We have taken into consideration key factors like braking and frame quality, and selected 4 cycles which won’t just ensure that you have pleasant rides, but will also adapt perfectly to the unpredictable Indian roads. Read on…

Firefox Rapide 21S | ₹19,000

best gear cycle under 20000

In case you were wondering, the “S” in the Firefox Rapide 21S stands for “Speed”. An apt moniker, considering how quickly this bike’s popularity soared when it was released in 2014.

The latest version released in 2017 established this hybrid bike as the perfect choice for a rider getting back to cycling or seeking to upgrade from their basic performance hybrid.

The rigid, full alloy frame is sturdy and lightweight. The rider is bent forward to obtain the ideal position for dynamic riding. This vigor combined with the comfort it provides make the Rapide 21S one of the best bikes in its category.

Bad Attitude 26 | ₹18,800

best cycle under 20000 in india | Firefox Bad Attitude 26

A city bike with the steel body of a mountain bike, Bad Attitude 26 is as stylish as it is practical. While it is a great choice for your daily commute, that’s not all this versatile bike is capable of.

Its hardtail frame, along with the 21-Speed Shimano Tourney Drivetrain controlled by Shimano EZ-Fire 51 Shifters makes it ideal for beginners looking to ride on mildly bumpy roads and trail paths as well.

Cyclone V | ₹16,400

best cycle under 20000 in india | Firefox Cyclone V

This mountain bike is ideal for beginners looking forward to feeling the breeze outdoors. Light and quick with an alloy hardtail frame and good steering, this bike is a trusty companion to take you up any mountain and tackle other rugged terrains.

Sporting Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs and Shimano EF500 shifters, along with V-Brakes which are connected to Shimano Brake Levers, the Cyclone is a fantastic bike to go on adventures with.

Tailwind | ₹14,300

best cycle under 20000 in india | Firefox Tailwind

Firefox ladies cycles are designed keeping maximum comfort in mind, and the Tailwind is no exception. The hardtail alloy frame doesn’t just keep it light and durable but also ensures a comfortable, upright riding position for women. The downward sloping top tube makes it particularly suited to female riders, whilst the frame is specially designed to make mounting and dismounting easier.

Available in two colours - pink and blue, the minimal design is as easy on the eyes as the bike is in your hands. The bike is equipped with a 6-Speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and Shimano RS35 grip shifters which are smooth and easy to use - yet another bonus for women cyclists.

So there you have it. Now you can go and get yourself a high-quality bicycle that isn’t just a pleasure to ride, but also fits in your budget. Happy riding!