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A Bike For Every Rider And Every Terrain

Mountain Bikes

A Mountain Bike or Off-Road Bike incorporates features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrains. These typically include distinctly sturdy wheels, powerful brakes and much more for climbing steep grades. The go-to bike range for the adventurers and explorers at heart, Mountain bikes are specialized for use on mountain trails, single tracks, and other unpaved surfaces.

  • Thick & knobbly tires for maintaining stability & tackling rugged, uneven terrains easily

  • Straight handlebars ensuring an optimal, upright riding posture & superior steering control

  • Front suspension for shock absorption

  • Wide gear ranges for climbing steep hills effortlessly

City Bikes (Hybrid)

Standing true to its name, a City Bike (Hybrid) is a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. The outcome is a bicycle that’s suitable for general-purpose riding over different terrains. Although there do exist several sub-categories in this segment, most have the straight handlebars & wide gear range associated with a mountain bike and tyres which have the smoothness of a road bike.

  • Alloy Hybrid frames that make the bikes easy to lift & carry while also allowing for smooth rides

  • Double Wall Alloy Wheel Rims that are light, safer from rust & easily receptive to brakes

  • Seat Quick Release (QR) for conveniently adjusting the seat height

  • Wide spectrum of gear combination options from single speed models to bikes with 27 speed Shimano Gear Shifters for adjusting speed

Road Bikes

Road bikes are distinguished by their especially lightweight frames and slim tires. Also known as racers, these are designed for flat surfaces such as paved roads and not so much for rough terrain - taking you as fast and far as your legs can manage. Road bikes are majorly used for speed, fitness as well as long-distance riding.

  • Large & slim tires designed to maximize speed & efficiency

  • Light & aerodynamic alloy frames that make the bikes easy to lift & carry while also offering smooth rides

  • Curve & Drop handlebars for an optimal & forward-leaning rider position

  • Shimano Gear Shifters to adjust speed levels

Women Bikes

These are the bikes that are built specifically keeping in mind both women’s comfort and style, with no compromise on either. While we know that that many women are just as comfortable on our unisex bikes and that choosing a bicycle simply comes down to what fits best for you, Firefox also understands that the female body is anatomically different than any male’s. The result - this special range of bikes that move toe-to-toe with the modern women of today who face life with nerves of steel, and are not afraid to explore what they want.

  • 15”-17” sized Frames for different body-types

  • Women-centric Frame shape – Includes a lowered top-tube

  • Lightweight Alloy/Steel Frames that make the bike easy to lift & carry anywhere

  • Wider seats for comfortable seating

Kids Bikes (3-9 Years)

Tailor-made especially for children, Kids Bikes are built keeping both their safety & imagination in mind. From fun components to top of the line safety features, these bikes are just what little explorers need to take their first steps in the world of biking. Beginning from the Li’l Fox range for young ones learning to sit on a bike to PlanetFoxers for the aspirational superheroes, Firefox has different bike ranges for all kids from ages 3 to 9!

  • Non-toxic paint

  • Safety Pads on the handlebar and stem

  • Seat Quick Releasefor comfortably adjusting the seat height

  • Training Wheels for improved balance while learning to ride

Junior Bikes (9-12 Years)

Built for those who want to carry their passion for cycling to their teens, Firefox’s Junior Bikes prove to be loyal companions for young adolescents aged between 9 to 12. These resilient bikes are made to weather any storm that growing kids will throw at them, which is ensured both by their design as well as state of the art components.

  • 24” Wheel Size for an optimum riding experience at this age range

  • Lightweight Alloy/Steel Frames that make the bike easy to lift & carry anywhere

  • Seat Quick Release (QR) for comfortably adjusting the seat height

  • Steel Seat Posts & Alloy Wheel Rims that are light, safer from rust & easily receptive to brakes

Speciality Bikes

Like a surprise goodie-box of treats, Speciality Bikes include Firefox’s special & innovative bike models that don’t conform to the boundaries of any other category. These bikes are built for those who want to take their passion for cycling to new levels and challenge themselves by exploring new dimensions of the world of biking.

  • Folding Bikes

  • Fat Bikes

  • BMX (Stunt) Bikes

  • Fixie Bikes

Electric Bikes

E-bikes use batteries to provide an added boost to a cyclist’s pedaling, enriching their bike-riding experience from all fronts – Be it covering longer distances, tackling tougher climbs or sustaining a faster pace. This electric support can be switched on or off at will, also enabling its riders to get the regular bike riding experience when they wish to. Flag-bearers of the technological revolution among Indian bicycles, E-bikes from Firefox can run on up to four different riding modes using the battery that is power-driven by a motor on the bicycle. This versatile bike can take its rider across different terrains with the utmost style & comfort.

  • Battery-driven bikes powered by a motor fitted on the bicycle

  • Multiple Usage Modes such as Pedal-Assist, Throttle & more to keep up with any riding requirement of the cyclist at all times

  • Remote Control & Display on the handlebar

  • Gear Shifters for changing speed levels