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Premium brand cycles

A Bike For Every Rider And Every Terrain

Gravel Bikes

Outfront Steering Geometry Upright enough for comfort over the long haul and low & forward enough for speed, efficiency and control on technical terrain. Enjoy stability and confidence without any compromise on speed and agility. OutFront Steering Geometry keeps you comfortably in control even on the nastiest descents. Wider clearance and grip Wider gravel tyres provide better traction and more stability while riding on gravel or dirt roads. Great tyre clearance means you can use tyres up to 42 c for extra traction and stability in any conditions. Tyre Tread design optimized for speed - Low profile knobs reduce rolling resistance while still providing plenty of knob edges for braking control and grip. Ride Anywhere A capable, versatile gravel road bike. Built for chasing horizons, exploring routes less travelled. Wide-ranging 11-32 cassette with the chainset 50/34. The result is an interesting and practical gearing choice one for a generally urban-focused machine, and is well suited to riding any technical terrain.

Mountain Bikes

For a cyclist scaling a peak, it’s trust in his bicycle that makes all the difference! That’s exactly what Firefox Mountain Bikes are designed for. Stable across terrains, their sturdy frames, comfortable suspension, wide tires, and great gear range promise a ride that’s all about the experience!

  • Thick & knobbly tires for maintaining stability & tackling rugged, uneven terrains easily

  • Straight handlebars ensuring an optimal, upright riding posture & superior steering control

  • Front suspension for shock absorption

  • Wide gear ranges for climbing steep hills effortlessly

City Bikes (Hybrid)

The leisure of city riding and the thrill of mountain biking, a Firefox City Bike (Hybrid) aces both. With a wide gear range, light alloy hybrid frames, and easy to adjust QR seats, these bikes are built to survive wherever you go! Ideal for general-purpose riding across terrains, they sure are a winner!

  • Alloy Hybrid frames that make the bikes easy to lift & carry while also allowing for smooth rides

  • Double Wall Alloy Wheel Rims that are light, safer from rust & easily receptive to brakes

  • Seat Quick Release (QR) for conveniently adjusting the seat height

  • Wide spectrum of gear combination options from single speed models to bikes with 27 speed Shimano Gear Shifters for adjusting speed

Bad Attitude Series

Road Bikes

With a Firefox Road Bike, ride at the speed of wind! Built with lightweight frames and slim tires, these are ideal for smooth, paved roads. So, if you’re out training for speed and efficiency enhancement, or trailing a long-distance route, this is the one companion you can truly depend on!

  • Large & slim tires designed to maximize speed & efficiency

  • Light & aerodynamic alloy frames that make the bikes easy to lift & carry while also offering smooth rides

  • Curve & Drop handlebars for an optimal & forward-leaning rider position

  • Shimano Gear Shifters to adjust speed levels

Women's and Girls Bicycle

When it comes to women’s bikes, Firefox believes in creating a comfort-style fit! Designed with women-centric frames suited for different body types and wider seats offering complete comfort, these bikes are just what a woman needs to explore the paths of adventure!

  • 38 Cms - 43 Cms sized Frames for different body-types

  • Women-centric Frame shape – Includes a lowered top-tube

  • Lightweight Alloy/Steel Frames that make the bike easy to lift & carry anywhere

  • Wider seats for comfortable seating

Marvel and Disney Bikes

Kids Bicycles

The best ride for their big dreams! The Li’l Fox range offers kids between 3 to 5 years a dream ride into the world of adventure. Additionally, its training wheels, safety pads, and non-toxic paint ensures that the bike maintains the highest safety standards to safeguard the little ones!

With Planet Foxers, nothing’s impossible for our little superheroes! Designed for kids between 5-9 years, these bicycles allow them to ride fearless, thanks to safety features like training wheels, adjustable seat posts, and safety pads. Now they can fly to their dreams, one pedal at a time!

  • Non-toxic paint

  • Safety Pads on the handlebar and stem

  • Seat Quick Releasefor comfortably adjusting the seat height

  • Training Wheels for improved balance while learning to ride

Junior Bikes (9-12 Years)

With bigger dreams come bigger bicycles! The Junior range from Firefox is meant for those kids who love their riding escapades. With wheels designed for the specific age group, easy to handle lightweight alloy frames, and receptive breaks, these bikes shoulder their dreams with complete confidence.

  • 60.9 Cms Wheel Size for an optimum riding experience at this age range

  • Lightweight Alloy/Steel Frames that make the bike easy to lift & carry anywhere

  • Seat Quick Release (QR) for comfortably adjusting the seat height

  • Steel Seat Posts & Alloy Wheel Rims that are light, safer from rust & easily receptive to brakes

Speciality Bikes

For riders who are all about ‘out-of-the-box’, here are our Speciality Bikes. Conforming to no norm, each bike in this range is unique. From folding bikes, to fat bikes, stunt bikes (BMXs), and fixie bikes, it’s everything that’s not ordinary. So, if you are an experimenter, these bikes are all set!

  • Folding Bikes

  • Fat Bikes

  • BMX (Stunt) Bikes

  • Fixie Bikes

Electric Bicycles

The Firefox battery-operated E-Bikes are a revolution in the cycling space. These bikes enhance ride quality across terrains and distances through different riding models. And the best part? Electric support can be turned on or off as per will. These sure are a precious keep for a true cyclist!

  • Battery-driven bikes powered by a motor fitted on the bicycle

  • Multiple Usage Modes such as Pedal-Assist, Throttle & more to keep up with any riding requirement of the cyclist at all times

  • Remote Control & Display on the handlebar

  • Gear Shifters for changing speed levels

Gear Bicycles